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Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakfast in Boedo

Dulce de Leche Cone - Latin Bites AUD4Image by avlxyz via Flickr

One fine sunday I got up and for some reason felt unusually fatigued. I decided to give my body a rest and just spend a day on the couch. At the time I thought that it was just for that one day that I would be fatigued. Little did I know that this would turn into a weeklong thing with me getting sick and lightheaded over the weekend. 

But when I got up that Sunday, I still had money and abit of food. This was before the miracle with the pasta happened. And after I ate the pasta and had next to nothing left, I found a packet of hotdog wieners for 3 pesos on sale. I bought those and had enough for two days.

When I woke up the next day after those ran out, I found that the fatigue had now fully kicked it. I had no food in my house but that didn't matter because I wouldn't have touched it anyway. I was so sick that the sight or the thought of food made me nauseated. I was like this for about 3 days so the fact that there was no food in my house wouldn't have made a difference in the least.

After that stormy weekend passed, a new week began.  Come Monday, I was still feeling fatigued. But through all this, God hadn't forgotten about me one bit and the answer to my problems with the lack of nourishment came the very next day.

Now just to explain, a couple of days ago I called a friend of mine who owns a hostel to try and make plans to drop by and have a chat to catch up. It was the hostel that I stayed at earlier on this trip before I got into this apartment. On the day that I called, he wasn't able to see me but told me that maybe Tuesday.

So Tuesday I called him with a hope that it would work out that we would be able to get together. You see, at the time I phoned I was just thinking about seeing him to catch up. And of course that was the first and only motivation. But that Tuesday when I called, I especially hoped that it would work out because part of the beauty of that hostel is that breakfast gets left out all day for the guests.

You cannot even began to imagine the joy in my heart when everything worked out and I was able to drop by for a visit.  After a tumultuous weekend, there is nothing so refreshing as laughter and good conversation. And a little food on the side certainly doesn't hurt!  There was fresh water, coffee, pieces of toast with butter, jam, and dulce de leche to spread on it along with ripe juicy oranges. For someone who hadn't eaten since friday, this was a feast to end all feasts.

Not only that, Tuesday's meeting proved to be quite productive as I took that time to sit down with my friend and discuss accomodation arrangments for my return to Buenos Aires at the end of the year (yes, there is going to be a season 3) Breakfast in Boedo was an incredible blessing but it was only the beginning of so much more....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas