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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Serpentine Saga Continues: Finding Love in A Hopeless Place

At one point in my journey of trying to understand the Argentine Serpentine, I stumbled upon a revelation that would change the course of how I viewed her actions forever. Previously I had been under the presumption that it was just her and she's like that. However as I started delving deeper, reading blogs and articles, having chats with other foreigners it started to appear that many of the experiences I've had with her are typical of what many others have had with Argentines.

Through trial and error, I am discovering that the value system of Argentine society is entirely different that the North American value system. In Argentina people are very friendly and open when you encounter them but whether they are trustworthy is an entirely different story. Whereas in North America people aren't taught to be open to people they don't know and we are a little closed off at first encounter. But once people break into our worlds alot of us are taught to value our relationships.

I kept hearing over and over again the theme that foreigners here were having a hard time making Argentine friends, even having lived here for years some of them have only one person they would say is a friend. In addition to that, I heard it said that even Argentine women have difficulty finding good girlfriends. There is something in the culture that seems to block foreigners from entering into the world of many Argentines as well as making it difficult for Argentines to form genuine life long relationships.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Searching for Shameless Shawarmas

Living abroad has changed me in ways that I cannot even begin to articulate as a writer even with the best of words. It would take volumes and volumes of books to describe the ways life in a foreign country has pushed me to be the best i can be. But for today I can definitely enlighten you to one way that light has been brought to my life.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Trendy Temakeria: Yoobi Sushi

Life in a third world country no doubt takes its toll and when the opportunity opened up for me to vacation in London in Nov 2012, I welcomed it with open arms. Being the adventurous travel writer I am, I made it my goal to find a place off the beaten path that I could write about for others to discover.

Yoobi is a trendy temakeria located on a quiet corner on Lexington St. downtown London.  The concept is serving sushi in cones with the taste of Brazillian - Japanese fushion.  After reading multiple reviews I dived headfirst into the spicy tuna roll and the tuna tartare.  These are the tuna rolls featured in the pic above (tuna tartare on the left and spicy tuna on the right).

Both were excellent and left my tastebuds exploding. I shared the spicy tuna roll with my companions and they each took a bite and thought it was a unique combination of flavors. The spicy tuna has a mix of things you would find in a traditional sushi roll along with some ingrediants you wouldn't normally associate with sushi like croutons.

Yet even with the odd pairing of ingrediants the combination of flavors somehow magically all work out in the end, resulting in an orgasmic explosion that you mouth will remember the rest of your vacay.......

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Monday, April 08, 2013

How to Become a Snake Charmer 101: Dating an Argentine Serpentine

Argentine women are reputed to be exotic fembots. Ethereal, enticing, exquisite femme fatales who leave men drooling out the sidewalk. Everywhere these women go the sound of piropos (catcalls) filled the air. In our North American society, catcalls are what you associate with dirty mouth construction workers with no class basically degrading female that walk by. But in Argentina, depending on how a piropo is done is can be a great compliment to a woman's beauty.  It is one of those things that are a matter of debate to whether piropos are uplifting or degrading.

Not all women in this country fit the stereotype of the Argentine femme fatale but there is definitely a subsector of women in this country that still fall into that category.  The Argentine Serpentine fits under the stereotype of having drop-dead gorgeous model like features. 

However, procuring a goddess comes with a hefty pricetag........that being the cost of your soul. As Divas they demand nothing less than divine treatment from those they have bewitched. In the past I have written blogs on cross-cultural relationships. This blog is about cross-cultural dating and things you should know about your Argentine fembot. You may find her ravishing but the relationship will leave you ravished if you aren't careful and take time to learn the cultural differences between the both of you.

Monday, April 01, 2013


It was just a couple of years ago where the teaching of "The Secret" was released and part of that movement was all about perspective. Perspective is EVERYTHING especially if you are living in Buenos Aires. This is a country where the prices are going up weekly. If one develops a negative perspective to things, pretty soon all that you'll start to see or take notice of is signs on stores indicating weekly inflation. You'll start to notice in cafés that the price is going up and the quality is going down. Every where you'll walk, that's all you'll start to see.

However in Buenos Aires if you choose to have a positive perspective, it will make all the difference in your stay. You'll start to stumble upon places that offer you a great exchange rate.  Suddenly your eyes will spot signs with prices with special discounts that are lower than anything you've seen. Destiny will happen and you'll find yourself meeting people and coming into their lives just when they needed it or perhaps you needed it.

Choosing my perspective early on was crucial to my survival, especially when I landed in the country for the third time and all of a sudden things changed rapidly and Argentina soon started to become Argenzuela. For those of you who don't understand.......Venezuela is run by a dictatorship. Argentina was more of a democracy but during my third trip things started to spiral out of control and tension filled the air as Argentina started to resemble somewhat of a facist state. Thus the term "Argenzuela" was born....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas