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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Trendy Temakeria: Yoobi Sushi

Life in a third world country no doubt takes its toll and when the opportunity opened up for me to vacation in London in Nov 2012, I welcomed it with open arms. Being the adventurous travel writer I am, I made it my goal to find a place off the beaten path that I could write about for others to discover.

Yoobi is a trendy temakeria located on a quiet corner on Lexington St. downtown London.  The concept is serving sushi in cones with the taste of Brazillian - Japanese fushion.  After reading multiple reviews I dived headfirst into the spicy tuna roll and the tuna tartare.  These are the tuna rolls featured in the pic above (tuna tartare on the left and spicy tuna on the right).

Both were excellent and left my tastebuds exploding. I shared the spicy tuna roll with my companions and they each took a bite and thought it was a unique combination of flavors. The spicy tuna has a mix of things you would find in a traditional sushi roll along with some ingrediants you wouldn't normally associate with sushi like croutons.

Yet even with the odd pairing of ingrediants the combination of flavors somehow magically all work out in the end, resulting in an orgasmic explosion that you mouth will remember the rest of your vacay.......

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Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas