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Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling Your Way Around Fickle Friends

People change......that is inevitable.  However, every so often our paths cross with someone who seems to be changing more frequency than normal. Almost to the point that you want to whisper the word "fickle".  The idea behind this post was sparked when I was not dealing well with some of the actions of the Argentine Serpentine and I distinctly remember it being mentioned that serpent people can be known to be fickle. The more that I thought about it, the more I realize that it was true 100% . I had a fickle friend turned frenemy in my life that I didn't understand at all and really got hurt trying to love this person and be a good friend.

I also realize that most of us have one or more fickle friends in our lives. Some relationships are downright toxic, negative, and narcissistic.  But in the case of the Argentine Serpentine, I don't believe this to be an unhealthy person. What I would say is that she lacks emotional maturity.....she cannot anticipate the emotional needs of others in a relationship. She has no clue what her actions and behavior how it affects people and she doesn't know how to take care of another persons emotional needs.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bobbing Up and Down on the Bustling Buenos Aires Bus

Español: Autobús turístico de Buenos Aires (Bu...Image via Wikipedia

The cool breeze running through my hair was like a cold refreshing splash of water on ones face on a hot summer. Never in a million years could I have imagine that climbing aboard the big yellow Buenos Aires Bus would bring relief to my aching body. You must wonder what in the world must I have been doing to have put my body through world war three. Well, it wasn't a ton of activites........more like one BIG one. And that being standing in line for 10 hrs to see the coffin of ex-president Néstor Kirchner.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Picked Up While in a Taxi

Some of you out there may be speculating that there is a grammatical error in the title of this blogpost but it was completely intentional.  Upon  arriving back from one of my trips to and from Colonia, Uruguay for the day, I did the usual and when I landed back in the ferry terminal in BsAs, I stepped out onto the side of the main road to hail a taxi.

Todays blog will incorporate several themes including how to stay safe and get to know strangers while avoiding sending mixed messages that can happen when two cultures colide. The first tip I want to share with anyone travelling to and from Uruguay via ferry from Buenos Aires is when you land in back in Buenos Aires and are in the ferry terminal again, there will be some taxis waiting for you right outside on the grounds of the ferry terminal.

Unless you cannot walk another step, don't accept an offer from a taxi driver. They are operating at a fixed rate of at least 70 pesos to wherever you want to go in the city. Instead, walk off the ferry grounds, find a main road where a stream of traffic is coming towards you and stand there and wait until a taxi comes along. Those taxis aren't contracted by the ferry terminal company and are just normal taxis so you will get a much lower per minute rate. Making that effort to walk those 5 mins out to the main road and catch a regular taxi is gonna save you 30-40 pesos

But lets get to the interesting part, I picked up a taxi and I ended up nearly getting picked up while in a taxi. It was driven by a handsome young 25 yr old who struck a conversation with me. Although I was tired, I remembered enjoying the conversation. There was a really nice vibe between us and at the end of the ride, he said he would like to continue to get to know me and we could exchange numbers if I wanted. I was OK with it so I gave my number and we decided to be in contact soon

Monday, January 07, 2013

Snakes and Ladders

Milton Bradley Chutes and Ladders game board c...
Milton Bradley Chutes and Ladders game board c. 1952 showing good deeds and their rewards, and bad deeds and their consequences (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So unlike most others entering into the new year, I already had my new years resolution laid out before me. Quite simply it was this:  As it stands with the Angelina vs Argentine Serpentine the current score has me with a big fat ZERO beside my name while the Argentine Serpentine has scored more bonuses than all the blackjack dealers in Las Vegas put together. My goal is simple.........GET MY DIGNITY BACK (not that I had alot to begin with)

This being the new year, I've decided to teach you a new verb in spanish. Its not one you'll ever need unless you somehow find yourself in an eyewitness protection program or having an Argentine Serpentine on your heel. There are two verbs in the spanish language u can use to describe observations. One is "observar" and its meaning is exactly like ours in english.. And the other is "vigilar" and the weight of its meaning equals to stalking.

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas