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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Feast Fit for a King

Day 252: Autumn FeastImage by -Snugg- via Flickr

Every blogger has to do one blog on the subject of blogging in their career! And you can consider this my one and ONLY blog about blogging. There literally are blogsites started up just for bloggers to blog about blogging but for the most part, I'll leave it up to those guys to do the talking on the subject of blogging.

But I did want to put in my 2 cents here because the other day and cool analogy came into my head. I realize that blogs and churches are very much alike.  The reason most people don't go to churches is the same reason most people don't like to read blogs.  Because often times, blogsites and church services are dull, boring, irrelevant. There is nothing fresh and no one has put any effort into making their visitors feel welcome.  People just want to be in their own little world and talk about themselves and be with the people in their clique.

On the other hand, I have come to see that when there is a church or a blogsite that is the completely fresh, alive, welcoming, enthusiastic, relevant to the times, the response is quite the opposite. People will actually grab all their friends and tell them "You HAVE to visit this place!"  And they will keep coming back for more again and again and again.

A good blog or church is really hard to find. The majority of them out there are dry and dull and have lost all sense of life. This is why when you say "I go to church" or "I have a blogsite" people cringe and think you must not have any life whatsoever. Well I have news for you, I both go to church and have a blogsite and my life is anything but dull! And today I am going to share with you the secret behind some of the influencing factors that have shaped me as well as this blogsite.  As well I am going to tell you where some amazing life giving churches are where you can find teachings and podcasts that are out of this world.

I listen to alot of teachings and messages about making church a warm place to be. Not only is it a house where we go all out for people that come in but we go all out for the people and the community outside the church. We do all we can to create an environment where people are nurtured, not preached to about what needs to change in their lives. If there is anything that needs to change, God is quite capable. He created the world all on his own and I'm sure that he doesn't need us getting our sticky little fingers in other people's lives.

There were some podcasts I was listening awhile ago of a women's conference called "Cherish" at Abundant Life Church in Bradford England. The speaker's name is Charlotte Scanlon-Gambil and she is one of the pastors there. She was speaking about how here in this place, the church we literally should be setting a table for whoever comes. In the same way that you would prepare for a dinner party, every aspect of church life should be about pouring our best into anyone who walks through those doors.  And that it is an incredible calling and privilege to pour our hearts and lives out to create the very best atmosphere and environment. It's like preparing a meal for guests and then after we spend all those hours preparing, we sit back and let our visitors and invitees take the very best portion of servings.

Although those messages were about hospitality and welcoming people into our homes and our churches, the truth is those principles can be applied into anything we do, even a blogsite. So after listening to those inspiring teachings, I set about to do just that on my blogsite,  create an environment where there would not only be fun and enthusiasm but a sense of nurture. And with these principles in mind, it affects all aspects of the blogsite. Every single detail from the content on the blogposts, to the fonts I use, to the gadgets on the sidebar is my way of "setting the table" for you.

I honestly wish that there were more of both blogsites and churches that got this concept and would be willing to pour their heart and soul into creating an amazing place. There are so many bad blogsites that has given blogging a bad name in the same way that there are so many churches and Christians that give us a bad name. But my experience is telling me that people actually WANT to go to these places. They do enjoy a blogsite, if it has been done right. And they will visit a church, if they can feel life and energy in the place.  People are just tired of only seeing places that are doing nothing but spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

But I am constantly searching out both great blogs and both great churches with good messages and podcasts to fuel people with life. In terms of great blogsites, on my side bar under "Beautiful Blogs" there is a list of blogs that I am following that I think are great quality reads. As well on my Tango 2 the Moon site there is another list of blogs that I follow that I find fairly interesting.

 As for churches, I am in love with Centro Cristiano Nueva Vida  Like Hillsong Church Australia, Lakewood Christian Centre in Houston Texas or Abundant Life Church in Bradford England, we are in the midst of preparing a "feast" for the people of Buenos Aires in Dec. The name of our feast is called "Rock and Vida"  and it is going to be feast to end all feasts!

Yes, those type of churches exists....I attend one! And to prove it to you, I'm going to put a clip here of an out of this world message called "The Punctuation of Life" at Cherish 2008 by Charlotte Scanlon-Gambil. Now for some of you, your first instinct maybe just to skip the video and think "This isn't for me". But PLEASE don't! Even if you are a man! There is amazing stuff in this video and principles you can take away. And besides, how often do you get to see a speaker get up on a treadmill will giving the message! I wouldn't be putting this video on this site if there wasn't anything to "feast" on.....

Tango 2 the Moon
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sugar and Spice

#18 - Sugar and Spice(s)
 Image by Timothy Valentine via Flicker

Like most North Americans, I am a connoisseur of entertainment. And from having so many years as a consumer, I have come to see patterns that make or break a successful series. One of things that are an absolute essential if you wish to keep up ratings is the introduction of new characters into the plotline. And I am proud to say that we are bringing on board two new characters that will definitely add sugar and spice to the plotline.

Firstly there is my new roommate Lucreicia. She is the woman that I will be living with. Apparently she is an amazing hostess and is also an expert in holistic therapies.  How my path crossed with her is very interesting. While searching for accomodation on the internet, I came across  "Spare Rooms BA" they are a company that matches you up with mates in a house or an apartment. In the capital, almost everyone shares a space with everyone else. Part of it is to save money and part of it is because there simply isn't alot of space in the city.

I had some criterias for the host I would be choosing.  The big one is that they had to live in a neighbourhood that is very close to where I would be teaching. After consulting with the staff at the school, I was left with two recommendations. Either the barrios of Cabalito or Almagro. I have been in Almagro but not Cabalito. It is actually a really nice area that is close to my favorite mall, Abasto. Living there will give you more of a feel of what it is like to be a local.

So after looking at all that was available in Cabalito and Almagro, it looks like Lucreicia's place was the most ideal. There was a balcony where I would be able to sit out in the sun. The home is decorated with Asian decor.  Lucreicia even has a dog and for those who know me, know that I am a big dog person. What is even more amazing is the description of this hostess and what she was like. I'm going to put it here in spanish her own exact words.
 "Soy Profesora de Tai Chi Chuan, disciplinas orientales, instructora de Yoga, Meditacion,  Me encanta la danza, musica, el cine, todo el arte en general.  Me encantan largas caminatas, viajes, animales, naturaleza, Mi casa es un lugar muy tranquilo, donde reina el clima armonico, amigable y respetuoso.  Soy vegetariana, por lo que prefiero que no se cocinen carnes en casa, se pueden pedir por delivery.  Es importante para mi que no se fume en casa.  Las experiencias que he tenido de convivencia con extranjeros han sido muy agradables y muy enriquecedoras. "
 I will translate. It says:
"I am a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan, oriental disciplines, and an instructor of Yoga & Meditation. I love dance, music, theatre, and arts in general.I love long walks, trips, animals, and nature.My house is a very tranquil place where harmony reigns with friendliness and respect.  I am vegetarian and I prefer it if meat is not cooked in my home. You can ask for it to be delivered.  It is important for me that there be no smoking in my home.  The experiences I have had living with foreigners have been sweet and enriching."

Send Love BA

Cookie, Anyone

I'd be the first one to tell you that though someone's love don't cost you a penny, showing love gets expensive when you are trying to maintain a relationship overseas. But every so often, someone just comes up with an ingenius idea and then puts their plan into motion. When I think of brilliant ideas, there is no other company that comes to mind other than Send Love BA.

Headed up by Madi Lang, her company Send Love BA has been living up to it's name and enabling families to send love to friends and family in Buenos Aires with out the stress or worry of dealing with the Argentine mail system. Now you can send your love one chicken soup on a sick day just the way you would if they were back home by your side. Have a birthday or special occasion? Brownies, cakes, fruits are always a hit. And Send Love BA makes sure that it will arrive at their doorstep fresh and full of that home made taste.

Yes, the world is huge and complicated. There is no doubt about that. But with Send Love BA, you can bridge the distance gap between you and your loved one and make the world feel just a little bit smaller by sending them a taste that feels like home. Send Love BA is a company that does more than just create cookies, they're about creating memories :)

Send Love BA Blog

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Plot Thickens

Teatro_en_la_actualidadImage via Wikipedia

Are your appetites wet for season 2? I sure hope they are! I feel like the way this blog has worked out is similar to a television series where there is a plot and a story and several subplots on the sidelines and somehow it ties in all together. Some of you out there who have been following me from the beginning of time know all the plots and the subplots. You've probably noticed that in September before a TV series starts up again, they usually start to play the last few episodes from the last season just to remind people and get them caught up on what is happening.  So that is why I am writing you today, to get everyone on the same page so they can follow me properly and understand what is going on.

Alright so the main plotline is that last season I came to Buenos Aires teaching english and intending to stay only 6 months and come back to resume life here in Canada. But the church I was attending has been needing someone to teach english so I am going to come on board and work with the staff and students of Centro Estudios Nueva Vida (CENV). To date I have 40 people enrolled in a class and 15 on a waiting list. Looks like I have my work cut out for me and I don't see myself coming back to Canada until March 2011.

Although I have taught english before, I have never taught a group class to adults that have no experience whatsoever.  It thrills me and scares me at the same time.  Will I be any good at this? Apparently the books I am bringing are the best books in the U.S. for Latinos wanting to study english. But still I get doubts in my head and wonder if anything will come of my endeavors to see people equipped with the ability to speak english.  Only season 2 will tell what the outcome will be.

But with all that aside, there are a few other subplots that are going on. I mentioned to the team that we need one or two leaders specifically for the church branch I am part of at Centro. We are planted in the busiest city and on the busiest street in all of Buenos Aires so if the people from my church branch want to reach out to others, speaking english is not an option!  Good thing that there is one leader at Centro named Evelin Diaz who has had a desire to learn english for a long time. But she will be studying in her own home with some supplies I am going to give her.  Will she be successful in her endeavor now that she has the chance to fulfill her heart's dream of learning english?

A good friend of Evelin is Marisa. And if you have been reading my blogs, you'll know that her name comes up alot. She is the group leader of my first Bible group that I attended when I joined and she grew quite fond of me from day 1. Basically she decided that she was going to make friends with me at all costs and she would do whatever it takes to gain my friendship. Her method of attaining this prize is that she was going to kill me with kindness and shower me with love until I couldn't take it anymore. In the end her perseverance and persistence won and I began to cave in the beginning of Dec. She must have watched with pleasure as my hard exterior began to melt.

Life has not been kind to Marisa. Like me, so often she has felt left out in the cold looking at happy families together and just wishing for a moment she could have just a fraction of what they have. When I came into her world, it was as if a light switched on inside of her and she came to life. And together the both of us realized that we could find family with each other. But it wouldn't be without it's challenges seeing as we have different cultures, languages etc. Will we be able to overcome those barriers and at long last be able to fulfill the longings in each one of us for family?

Apart from everyone's personal goals and endeavors, there is one goal that we are all united in, seeing "Rock and Vida" realized. Rock and Vida is a rock concert that the church sponsors, finances, and arranges every year since 2005. It is always held in a public open air venue and it is completely free to anyone who wishes to come or happens to be passing by. It always happens the beginning of Dec to go alongside "World AIDS Day".  The rock concert is to create awareness against AIDS and it's deadly effects.

This last year I had the privilege of watching what a group of ordinary people can do when they are driven by passion. As we all know, Argentineans do not have alot of money. The average wage is said to be around $200 USD per month. That puts things into perspective! But nothing is impossible when people have a cause that they believe in. Literally, the church begins preparing for Rock & Vida in February.  Every Sat nite, they have "Rock & Vida" Cafe and it is a cafe with activities, entertainment and sometimes special guest music groups. All money from food raised at the cafe goes towards Rock & Vida. Not only that, many of the church members have pledged a certain amount a year to give to Rock & Vida. My friend Diana has pledge 200 pesos per year ($50 USD) to the cause.  This a classic story of ordinary people who come together cause extraordinary things to happen.  You'll want to tune in to the 2nd season to find out what happens to all our endeavors to realize Rock & Vida.

Not only that, I have my own personal goals and desires and there are things that I hope to do and things I want to experience during part 2 of my adventures there  Will I finally get to experience the grandness of Teatro Colon now that it has reopened? Would I get a chance to see Carlos & Alison dance tango together in Plaza Dorrengo in San Telmo? What will it be like to  celebrate my 30th birthday watching Eduardo & Kikki's tango show "Una Noche Ideal"?

And just like any TV series, there is always a new twist in the story that hasn't been previously mentioned. I'm not one for giving "spoilers" but I will say one thing here.  This morning I found myself emailing some developers who are developing several real estate projects in Buenos Aires in a ritzy area called Palermo Hollywood...

Tango 2 the Moon
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Friday, June 18, 2010

6 Degrees of Fascination

Gotta share with you some pretty profound stuff. As you know, I've been preparing for a whole 9 months in Argentina. Sometimes the preparation takes form in doing something spirtual (prayer, meditation). Sometimes preparation takes form in doing something physical (like buying a new suitcase, ESL materials). And sometimes there is a moment where revelation just hits you and 90 miles per hour. Today was one of those days.

I was on a harmless journey back and forth to the local village shopping centre to buy some yogurt, rent another disc of "Dexter Season 2" DVDs with a detour to buy a hot dog and a pop that were part of a fundraisers for children's charity. The weather is the nicest it has been in a few days so I fully intended to take advantage of it by using this time to run some errands and have a nice walk.

On my way back, I began to mull about Argentina and all the things I have gained through this adventure and yet all the things I have lost or had to give up in order to gain all that I have. It was then a quiet but profound revelation dropped upon me about my money, my accounts and all things financial. I realized I hadn't lost anything!

"HUH?" is probably the thought that is going on in your heads right now. But realize that I am going according to Christian principles. I couldn't have lost anything because it was never mine to begin with. Everything I have belongs to God and if I've now had some financial setbacks in my credit, in my account, and in my funds because I've done what he's asked.....then any damage or loss that occurs, he's really doing it to himself because when he allows setbacks that happen to me.

When this thought hit me, something strange happened. I felt a sense of liberation when I realized that nothing I ever had was my own.  And this revelation will probably liberate my thinking for the rest of my life. I will never feel a sense of loss again no matter what happens, no matter what I have to sacrifice or give up.

There is a line in C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity" where C.S. Lewis likens our relationship with God and all we have to a child who asks their father for 6 pence to buy a gift for him. In fact it was from this verse that the group "6 Pence None the Richer" took their name.  The child buying the gift for the dad isn't any richer, everything the child had to buy the gift for the Dad came from the dad.

Alright, enough theologizing for today. Let's end with something fun!  I want to tell you to all of you who are reading this that I must have the most wonderful fans in the world and I am always thinking of ways that I can make life easier for you. And lucky for you, I did find another way. As preparations for season 2 continue, I've taken the liberty to create a facebook fan page called "6 Degrees of Fascination"

The two main reasons are convenience and connectivity. You see, I have 3 beautiful blogsites and I've arranged things in such a way that if you sign onto my facebook fan site, whenever there is a new post on any one of these sites it will show up on your newsfeed. And out of respect to people who may want to have me both as their personal friend and also be wired to my fan site, I've decided to not send out my feeds to both my personal and public site. It will just be to my public site so that people would be getting double news feeds.

And I'm realizing as I go along that my feeds were being delivered to people's newsfeeds who are facebook friends but who may not actually really care about my blogs at all. Yet I feel that there are so many of you out there who would LOVE to be notified through facebook when new post is made but can't because you aren't facebook friends with me. So I've created this profile page to help bridge the gap between us a little and make my posts easier to access for the people who really do want to read my posts and who do want it to show up on their news feed.  I will always go the extra miles for my fans and readers who show their faithful and continual support week after week.

 As for how I'm feeling this very moment, let's say that I'm "six pence none the richer" and could not be any happier :)

6 Degrees of Fascination

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fate, Hope, and Love

So I've had quite the adventure capturing a vision that I had no finances for as well as trying to make it here living on the island having no job, little savings, and having signed up for a job in Buenos Aires that as far as I know is going to pay me little or nothing! It's left me in an interesting experience because no employer here is going to hire someone who is going to be around for a few months. And not only that, I had next to no clue on how I was going to go back there!  But I really felt that my time here was meant for rest and I wasn't suppose to try to get any employment. I've had to come up with creative ways on how to live and also have had a real learning experience in receiving help from others and how to treat people who are helping me.

Honestly, some days I get up and I'm just like "OK, today am I going to walk through the day full or faith or am I just going to give myself up to fate?" I had basically two options to how i could go about my day and as tempting as the latter was to do, I always made sure that I picked the first option. To tell you the truth I only had one option because the 2nd option to me isn't really an option. It isn't an option if you are want to live a life full of hope. I don't live my life hoping good things will happen. I live my life with hope. There is a HUGE difference there!

And by now, you've had some reports from me of how things got provided for me. Like a free haircut, $50 suitcase, $100 thrifties gift certificate. I'm actually beginning to think some days that the fact that I have little has made for interesting blogposts. Honestly, which would your rather hear?  That I simply went and bought some ESL material with money from my overflowing bank account. Or that I used the little savings that I had to buy ESL material and the next day I got $100 grocery store gift certificate. It does make for some interesting blogposts at absolutely no cost to you!

Through going through this time where things are tight, it has opened my eyes to many things and also developed character in me. For those of you who don't know, I am from a well to do background and growing up, we could have got anything we wanted.  Not much responsibility was taught and nor was there much taught about how other families who have less live day to day.

I had the opportunity to use my background to my advantage and could have had a cushy life if I played it right. But I chose to see if I could make it on my own and hang out with regular middle class people and try my hand at earning my own paycheque. It was one of the hardest things I could have done but looking back, it was one of the best things I could have done.

Dr. Livingstone........I Presume!

Henry Morton Stanley meets David Livingstone i...Image via Wikipedia

"Dr. Livingstone...I presume!"

Although historians have doubt about whether those words were truly uttered by Henry Morton Stanley upon the discovery of Dr. Livingstone, one thing that no one can doubt is that Stanley had just finished one of the most incredible journeys in the history of exploration. I have found my fascination on the subject rekindled these past few days as I have been watching episodes on itunes of a miniseries called "Expedition Africa". It is a reality series that features 4 explorers on a quest to retrace the almost 950 mile journey that Stanley took to find Dr. Livingstone.

Just to back you up on the story here, Dr. David Livingstone was a missionary to Africa who had made repeated visits to the continent. Some of his work was for missionary work and some of his visits were for other purposes. At one point in his career, he went back to Africa for the very purpose of discovering the source of the Nile river. Pretty soon communication all between him and the outer world vanished and for 6 years nobody knew where he was. 

Until one day when a journalist named Henry Morton Stanley decided to find out the fate of Dr. David Livingstone. So with just a few porters to assist him, he embarked on a journey to find out what happened to Dr. David Livingstone. The whole journey would take him 9 months. But on the reality series, the explorers would attempt this trek in 30 days.

I must say that this has got to be the ultimate reality show. Because even on shows like "Survivor", the survivors are still somewhat in a controlled environment. The show isn't going to put them through something where they might actually die. Whereas this reality show shows these explorers having to go through crocodile infested rivers, battle malaria, and facing the ultimate challenge which is to get along with each other. The people on that reality series are in a moment where they can truly die.

But what really got to me is here Dr. David Livingstone was in Africa and he was in the need of medical attention. Nobody hears from him in 6 years and only God knows his needs.  I heard somewhere else (and I still have to check the facts) that Stanley arrived just in time to get Dr. David Livingstone the medicine he needed. After watching the reality series and seeing what Stanley must have gone through, that's pretty incredible.

Although the trek took 9 months, there is so much that can happen with weather, nature, wildlife. There were many, many dangers and many things that can delay someone in their journey. What if due to natural disasters, Stanley had reached Livingstone a month later. Would Livingstone still have been alive? But it seems like according to the history books, Stanley is right on time. 

This is another analogy that gets to me because only God knew Dr. Livingstone's need in Africa. And I believe that he stirred on a young journalist to go find him. And  God permitted everything that happened or didn't happen on that journey so that Stanley would arrive right on time to bring Dr. Livingstone the medical attention he needed. There are some reports that even say that Livingstone was a couple of minutes away from death's door when Stanley arrived.

Knowing this comforts me as I prepare to go.  God has already gone ahead of me and has my whole schedule arranged of all the events that will or won't happen when I go back there.  He's arranged the people I am to meet and the connections I am to make. If there is a problem that arises somewhere down the line, I think that God already has arranged a solution to the problem even before the problem became a problem!

Buenos Aires isn't dangerous like the African jungle. But being a foreigner in a 3rd world country, there is lots that can happen to me mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. My belief is that for my life, there are somethings that I perceived to be good when they were happening to me but weren't. And there are other events that I didn't know were actually good at the time they were happening.

No one can know the length of their days. Only God knows that. But I truly believe that if you are sold out to the purpose and vision of your life and doing what you were placed on earth to do, then when things threaten the length of your days, God will intervene. Just like Dr. David Livingstone. After receiving the medical treatment he needed, he went on to live a productive life for many more years until finally dying while on his knees in prayer (it's historical fact!!!)

I want to live long but if I ever had to choose a way to go, I would love to go while on my knees in prayer. Imagine closing your eyes to meditate and focus and when you open them, you are surrounded by celestial beings.  History also tells that the British claimed Livingstone's body but before his body was returned to England, some Africans took out his heart and buried it in Africa. And that is where his heart is buried today, in the continent of Africa.  If the length of my days were to come to a close, I don't think anyone would have to worry about burying my heart in Argentina, I already left it buried there on my last trip :)

 Tango 2 the Moon
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Maradona Deals Out Detention

Argentines work hard and play hard. And it looks like in preparation for the Fifa world cup, they are practicing hard but with a little bit of humour thrown in as well. During this training session, Maradona let the winning side fire shots at the rears of the losing team. And he himself bent over allowed him to get "punished". Although the players can be guaranteed to feel somewhat sore from the training match, it won't compare to the soreness the Argentine would be feeling if they got left out cold at the Fifa World Cup due to lack of training :P,247015

Tango 2 the Moon

Monday, June 07, 2010

Foo Fighting Fish Fingers

The slippery piece of fried halibut danced through my fingers as if it were still a live fish attempting to escape. Laying there motionless on a bed of fries was a single piece of "Foo Fighting" fish fingers that almost seemed to be mocking me, daring me to venture further in my attempt to consume it.  Not wanting to be outdone, I finally made the resolve to end the battle with this piece of battered marine life by dunking it in tartar sauce. Although the piece of halibut graciously accepted it's defeat and would eventually succumb to having it's final resting place on top of my tastebuds, it wouldn't be without pulling one last trick up it's sleeve. As I proceeded to drown this stubborn piece of fish in tartar, it suddenly began breaking up into large chunks as my fingers neared the tartar, resulting in bits of fried batter, halibut, and tartar sauce all over my fingers. At the same time, the howling wind beat against the tent which was meant to shelter all the patrons down at Barb's fish and chips. But nothing could have stopped me from indulging from the gooey goodness that comes from fried halibut dipped in tartar :)

I don't need to tell you that that was my adventure to Barb's Fish and Chips the other day. In the past few days, I've felt that my time in Victoria has been drawing to a close. I expected to be in Buenos Aires by now but God had different plans for me and it turns out that I had things to do and people to see and connections to make before I go back. And being here longer has allowed me to enjoy the very best of the city. Activities that would be the norm for the people here are a huge treat for me.

This last Saturday was the first clear day in a long time and I decided to take advantage of it and suck in every moment of the good weather. I found myself hopping off the bus downtown and making my way towards the breakwater by Dallas rd. But on my way there, I noticed a sign that said that the James Bay Community market was on from 9-3 so I decided to have a detour and stop by the community market. It was truly a treat to listen to local musicians, and walk by arts and crafts stores and look at potential gifts and souvenirs for my friends down in Argentina.

Next I would continue down to the breakwater and from there, would take a nice long walk up to Clover Point where the rest of the afternoon would be spent on the beach, laying in the sun reading "The Life of Pi" and listening to music on my ipod. While I was on the beach, I sent a text to my best friend in Buenos Aires, Marisa and said "I'm resting on the beach here in Canada and it's so quiet and calm!  One day soon, you're gonna be sitting here together with me on the beach. I can't wait to travel with you to Canada". An hour later I got a text that said that she was so happy for me that I was enjoying myself. And that it was cold down in Buenos Aires. But it would be wonderful to get a chance to see Canada".

Life is made up of little moments and one thing she and I have learned about maintaining relationship is just to take little moments for each other. That's how we've learned to stay connected and to keep our friendship fresh during this time that I've been abroad. We don't need to be texting alot. Our texting is alway very brief but it's always very special when that moment comes where we get a chance to connect with each other through text.

After my relaxing time on the beach, I was hungry so I decided to take a stroll into Cook Street Village. Even though I didn't have alot of money on me, I couldn't have been in a better place. Cook St. Village is full of neat places that offer very good food at ridiculously amazing prices.  My search for something cheap and filling would take me to "The Bubbly Rose Bakery" where not only would i find sweet eats but I would see a very sweet site.

There was a father and a daughter in the bakery and they wanted to buy a large chocolate chunk cookie. The father only had so much change on him to buy the cookie, it was to the point he was calculating if the cookie had tax on. Seeing their plight, I offer to make up for the different in the price but another stranger sitting down at the table beat me to it. Hey gave the father the difference in change so that he could buy the cookie. The little girl glowed and the father beamed proudly and said "What other place could you find a community like this?"  Witnessing all that made my first ever visit to the "Bubbly Rose Bakery" unforgettable.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city too, in a very different way. In the same way that they have alot to celebrate, we who live on the island have alot to celebrate also.  We not only have a beautiful city but we have so much local talent within this beautiful city. Talent like the group Santa Clara who has just launched their music video today. I took a glimpse of the music video and was very pleased to see that it was shot in some of Victoria's prime spots. The music video is a magnificent representation not just of the city but of the artistic talent that lies within it. The music video is also being featured on my other blogsite that I created as a tribute to the band Creatively Complex

Tango 2 the Moon

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas