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Friday, June 18, 2010

6 Degrees of Fascination

Gotta share with you some pretty profound stuff. As you know, I've been preparing for a whole 9 months in Argentina. Sometimes the preparation takes form in doing something spirtual (prayer, meditation). Sometimes preparation takes form in doing something physical (like buying a new suitcase, ESL materials). And sometimes there is a moment where revelation just hits you and 90 miles per hour. Today was one of those days.

I was on a harmless journey back and forth to the local village shopping centre to buy some yogurt, rent another disc of "Dexter Season 2" DVDs with a detour to buy a hot dog and a pop that were part of a fundraisers for children's charity. The weather is the nicest it has been in a few days so I fully intended to take advantage of it by using this time to run some errands and have a nice walk.

On my way back, I began to mull about Argentina and all the things I have gained through this adventure and yet all the things I have lost or had to give up in order to gain all that I have. It was then a quiet but profound revelation dropped upon me about my money, my accounts and all things financial. I realized I hadn't lost anything!

"HUH?" is probably the thought that is going on in your heads right now. But realize that I am going according to Christian principles. I couldn't have lost anything because it was never mine to begin with. Everything I have belongs to God and if I've now had some financial setbacks in my credit, in my account, and in my funds because I've done what he's asked.....then any damage or loss that occurs, he's really doing it to himself because when he allows setbacks that happen to me.

When this thought hit me, something strange happened. I felt a sense of liberation when I realized that nothing I ever had was my own.  And this revelation will probably liberate my thinking for the rest of my life. I will never feel a sense of loss again no matter what happens, no matter what I have to sacrifice or give up.

There is a line in C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity" where C.S. Lewis likens our relationship with God and all we have to a child who asks their father for 6 pence to buy a gift for him. In fact it was from this verse that the group "6 Pence None the Richer" took their name.  The child buying the gift for the dad isn't any richer, everything the child had to buy the gift for the Dad came from the dad.

Alright, enough theologizing for today. Let's end with something fun!  I want to tell you to all of you who are reading this that I must have the most wonderful fans in the world and I am always thinking of ways that I can make life easier for you. And lucky for you, I did find another way. As preparations for season 2 continue, I've taken the liberty to create a facebook fan page called "6 Degrees of Fascination"

The two main reasons are convenience and connectivity. You see, I have 3 beautiful blogsites and I've arranged things in such a way that if you sign onto my facebook fan site, whenever there is a new post on any one of these sites it will show up on your newsfeed. And out of respect to people who may want to have me both as their personal friend and also be wired to my fan site, I've decided to not send out my feeds to both my personal and public site. It will just be to my public site so that people would be getting double news feeds.

And I'm realizing as I go along that my feeds were being delivered to people's newsfeeds who are facebook friends but who may not actually really care about my blogs at all. Yet I feel that there are so many of you out there who would LOVE to be notified through facebook when new post is made but can't because you aren't facebook friends with me. So I've created this profile page to help bridge the gap between us a little and make my posts easier to access for the people who really do want to read my posts and who do want it to show up on their news feed.  I will always go the extra miles for my fans and readers who show their faithful and continual support week after week.

 As for how I'm feeling this very moment, let's say that I'm "six pence none the richer" and could not be any happier :)

6 Degrees of Fascination

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas