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Monday, January 30, 2017

Seduced by Sexy Sinful Spoonfuls of "Elle McPherson" at Cafe Melbourne

When images of Montreal come to mind I'm sure people think of poutine and smoked meat. However as i delve deeper into the food scene here I've been pleasantly surprised to find quirky food gems all around the city. I christened my first day in the city with a visit to cafe melbourne to honor my Australian heritage. It was quite timely as well because it did happen upon Australia day.

Walking into the cafe i wasted no time in getting my jaffles and flat white fix while chatting up one of the owners. My mouth nearly started to water when i saw a poster advertising their pop-up melbourne style brunches that happen every weekend. One sip of that flat white made all my caffeinated dreams come true.

My curiousity was piqued at what an Australian style pop up brunch on the weekend would look like so a few days later i returned to the cafe to satisfy my curiosity. Already at 10am the cafe was teaming with people and a line of hungry people had formed outside the cafe. They squeezed me into a corner where i got a good first look at a quirky menu. Each of the brunch entrees were named after an Aussie celebrity.

 I went with the "Elle Mcpherson" which was a smashed avocado toast with egg, tomato and halloumi. Earlier in the week the jaffle and flat white had worked on the art of enticement. The moment that smashed avocado toast hit my tastebuds, enticement turned into full blown seduction by sexy sinful spoonfuls of "Elle McPherson". Even before i left the cafe that day i was already fantasizing about having a luscious lick of "Nicole Kidman" at brunch next weekend.

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas