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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bobbing Up and Down on the Bustling Buenos Aires Bus

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The cool breeze running through my hair was like a cold refreshing splash of water on ones face on a hot summer. Never in a million years could I have imagine that climbing aboard the big yellow Buenos Aires Bus would bring relief to my aching body. You must wonder what in the world must I have been doing to have put my body through world war three. Well, it wasn't a ton of activites........more like one BIG one. And that being standing in line for 10 hrs to see the coffin of ex-president Néstor Kirchner.

 I wrote about the entire experience in "Consoling Cristina" But what I never wrote about was the aftermath of having to stand in line for 10 hrs. My body burned for a whole two days after that experience and finally getting on the Buenos Aires Bus was a very soothing step towards getting my body back in the game.

It is a big yellow double decker bus that makes its rounds all across major points in the city. In a country where inflation is on the rise, I consider the Buenos Aires Bus one of those activites that is well worth your money. You can stops where you can load on or off all throughout the city. Once you get on, you have the option of either paying 70 pesos for a 24hr ticket  or 90 pesos for a 48 hr ticket. Upon getting your ticket, you can hop on and hop off anywhere you want as much as you want for either 24 hrs or 48 hrs depending on what you've paid for. There is an option to have an audio tour guide with a variety of different languages to select from.

Hopping on the the Buenos Aires Bus was best decisions I ever made and is still in my opinion one of the funnest activities you could possibly engage in. In Buenos Aires there are a million ways to get around the city. Some ways are trickier than others especially if your spanish isn't the best. The Buenos Aires Bus is one of most secure, convenient ways to see all the major points of the city in a nutshell.

Buenos Aires Bus

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