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Monday, April 22, 2013

Searching for Shameless Shawarmas

Living abroad has changed me in ways that I cannot even begin to articulate as a writer even with the best of words. It would take volumes and volumes of books to describe the ways life in a foreign country has pushed me to be the best i can be. But for today I can definitely enlighten you to one way that light has been brought to my life.

I come from a family that enjoys good quality food but I wouldn't say we are foodies. We enjoy finding a good restaurant and eating out.  However when I came to Buenos Aires, alot of the members of the expat community are chefs, food critics, and food afficionados. These are people who have passion for good ingrediants and find just as much joy in the discovery of a good piece of gouda as they do finding a 5 star restaurant.  Alot of these expats love tweeting out and instagramming their latest food finds, creations, and inventions.  Every week I'm a reading and seeing pics of the eating adventure of people like Allie of "Pick Up the Fork",  Frances of "The Lost Asian". And who can forget "La Panza Porteña" or "Nola Chef"?

The one thing I'll admit is that it was impossible to be living in a city full of food crazy expats and not be influenced. Pretty soon I too began to take joy in  little pleasures procuring freshly baked bread and smearing it with butter and chunks of camembert goat cheese. My eyes now light up when the aroma of perfectly cooked spinach and parmesan cheese soup hits me.  Also never thought that my hands love the feel of holding a good quality bottle of olive oil that I've stumbled upon. And of course I'm on a never-ending quest for shameless shawarmas :)

Grabbing a perfectly toasted bagel with a fruit smoothie might be something North Americans can take for granted but not here in Buenos Aires where the mention of the word "smoothie" is going to wind up with a puzzled expression on their faces as they have no clue what you are talking about. It is for this reason that I am always creating a list of places to try in my never ending search for the next food gem, the one that will bring me salvation from a city where half baked croissants, fried tarts, coke and sugar water reign supreme.  On a weekly bases I am adding places to my list and deleting ones that I finally got a chance to try out.

Amongst the expat community here, finding the perfect brunch spots garners just as much buzz, excitement and enthusiasm as the launch of a new apple product does worldwide.  That may sound hard to believe but once you've lived here for an extended period you'll find that it's not crazy and pretty soon you'll be tweeting out about the joy of savoring a perfectly baked piece of banana bread.

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