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Monday, March 19, 2012

Old Now........New Now.......

With the rise of Groupon, within the last few yrs we've seen almost an epidemic of similar sites where once you find a deal, the idea is to name it and claim it within the time frame allotted to you. I personally have never grabbed anything off some of these daily deals sites but it was while listening to an podcast by pastor Paul Scanlon of Abundant Life Ministries, that I realized the greatest daily deal  is waiting to be claimed every second of my life.

Normally I don't talk about the sermons or messages I listen to but this particular message caught my attention and I realized that there was something in it for everyone.   The pastor was talking about what "Now" exactly means in the context of the length of time.  Would "now" considered be weeks, days, and minutes? In the message he brought to light that scientist discovered that "now" as defined as 5 secs. So every 5 secs. you get a new moment and that is an opportunity for a new reality.

There are two activities in the world that I believe help people understand more than anything the idea of moving from moment to moment. One is Argentine tango to which many of you know that I do participate in when I can. The other activity is surfing which I have my heart set on trying at least once
At one point when I have to renew my 90 day visa to stay in Argentina, I want to go to Chile instead of Uruguay and perhaps have a lesson with Chileextremo. It has been said that surfing is the only activity where you are somehow in the past, present, and future all at the same time. There is truth in that if you think about it......when you are on top of the wave, the wave is something that has happened, is happening, and is yet to happen.

Argentine tango is very similar where you go from moment to moment. It doesn't matter whether you had a misstep a moment ago or screwed up, seconds later you get a new moment and a new reality and an opportunity for a new step. And according to scientist, we get this new opportunity every 5 secs.  The pain of all that happened in the old "now" can start to heal depending on what you choose to do is the new "now" that   you get seconds later. And this goes on all day every day, you keep getting a new "now" every 5 secs. Groupon deals don't get renewed that fast.....

I don't know about any of you but I'm just about ready to hit the beaches of Chile and at long last find out what it is like to be in a moment where you are in the past, present, and future all in the same moment :)

I Am Your Problem But My Surname Is Solution 

***  here is the link to the video podcast of Paul Scanlon giving the message getting a new " now" every 5 secs. The first 5 mins is all music and then at 5:20 is the message.   If you think that I explained the concept of getting a new "now" every 5 secs, it's nothing compared to how Paul explains it in this message.  It is every bit worth your time no matter what background or walk of life you come from. 

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas