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Monday, June 04, 2012

YaYa Bean: Homeless with Hot Sauce

As you know I have my own Youtube channel  where from time to time I'll create a video of footage I shot with my flipcam to document life here.  One thing that I'm extremely grateful for is that I've never had to document what it is like to be homeless because I've never been homeless. I've had other crazy experiences but this isn't one of them thankfully *sigh*

However, on August 18 2011, the apartment lease of the boys of Ya Ya Bean ran out and the beginning of the least on their next apartment was until 2 wks. Ya Ya Bean consists of Mark and Kevin.....two best friends who make music and hot sauce here in the city.  You can find them every Sunday at 250 Defensa in the San Telmo fair selling their famous hot sauce "La Boca Roja"

If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I have to deal with a body that has high metabolism and as a result, have to keep to a certain diet to satisfy the amount of carbs, sugar and calories my body needs to stay afloat on a daily basis. It can get extremely boring having to stick to potatoes, rice, breads, cereals, legumes and the same high carb stuff every day.

So one fine sunday I dropped by the San Telmo fair in search of this elusive hot sauce that everyone is raving about. Actually, it wasn't so elusive seeing as I ended up in front of their booth within 10 mins of getting off the subway station to La Plaza de Mayo in the city centre. My interaction with them was not only delightful but I ended up walking away with a bottle of something that would ensure that I would never go through another boring meal again.

I gotta admit that finding a solution to keep your meal from becoming boring is alot easier than finding ways to kill time and make money when you're homeless for two weeks. I've posted a few videos here for your viewing pleasure but you can always relive the whole 2 wk saga on Ya Ya Bean's YouTube channel. And if you ever find yourself homeless in BsAs because your lease ran out and the lease for your next apt doesn't start for another two weeks, just twitter the boys @therealyayabean for advice. They'll know a thing or two when it comes to creative ways to kill time  ;)


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