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Monday, December 10, 2012

Fending Off a Femme Fatale

"Which do you prefer or women?"  hissed the Argentine Serpentine

It all began one night with a group of girls from church. We were sitting at a table talking and laughing when one of them asked me if I had a boyfriend. And I answered quite honestly that I actually have tendancies towards both sexes. But in this moment i was single and I didn't have neither a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

*** just a note that this was during the Argentine Serpentines pre-serpent days when we actually had some semblance of a normal relationship

The Argentine Serpentine was across the table from me and she watched as the girl besides me her jaw dropped.  None of the girls at the table were judgmental or anything but it was obvious that they are not accustomed to hearing about girls liking other girls.  Jaws dropped and eyes went wide open as my little "secret" came into full broad day light.

Upon finding out about my sexuality, the Argentine Serpentine's expression seemed relatively unmoved. She glanced back and forth between me and the girl beside me who's jaw had dropped wide open.  It was then her voice suddenly became cool and controlled and she asked if I prefer men or women more. The tone of her voice sounded like this question was if there were motivation behind it and she was using it to dig for more clues that she could use to her advantage.

"Women" I answered honestly and directly without skipping a beat. She raised an eyebrow for a brief moment and then joked with the girl beside me that she's not planning on asking any further questions. The conversation shifted to something else but there was something in the air that wasn't there before. Later that night, I happened to glance in her direction and her eyes almost seemed to have a gleam with them.

Was she pleased that I had definitively answered that I like women?

My blogpost today is on fending off a femme fatale.......if that is even possible. For many of you, I doubt you will meet a femme fatale and your chances of meeting her via church is even lower. You are more likely to win the mega millions than share the fate of a young writer trapped in coils of an enchantress. But should that day come in that you suspect you've come across a femme fatale, there are few signs to look out for.

Rule #1  if the person in question seems be doing things that come across as random but something about it feels like she planned it..... it was DEFINITELY planned. 

 Long before the Argentine Serpentines rise to power in her pre-serpent days, she would go between being random, open and spontaneous to all of a sudden quiet and mysterious. For example, earlier in the night she had asked me how old I was out of curiosity. It was a completely random and normal question. But when she asked me if I prefer men or women more....something about it felt like she had a reason for asking.  And then after I answered it, for the rest of the night she eyed me greedily.

When she came to power as the Argentine Serpentine and random strange things started happening, each of these little things alone could be brushed off. When they happened, something about it felt a little odd. It looked random at first glance but something was amiss. Your first instinct is always right if you think something that looks random is actually planned ;)

Rule #2  if while you are yabbering on about stuff and the person never takes an eye off you for even a are most likely screwed.

It is normal for two friends to be looking at each other intermittently during a conversation. It is normal for lovers to stare into each others eyes with an unbroken gaze. But if you are looking at her intermittently like you would normal friend and she is staring at you with an unbroken gaze, it means that in her head the serpent is most likely licking her lips and making plans to have you within her coils.

Rule #3  If she seems to be investing an awful lot of time to plan out ways to mess with your head, it also means that she has you on her mind quite abit.

All of the Argentine Serpetines sneaky little tricks were bang on. She knew exactly how to toy with me psychologically. And as ticked off as sometimes I felt, I soon came to realize that this person must have me on her mind alot to be able to plan and scheme on that level.

Soon I began to realize that she is like that boy in grade school that was constantly bugging you and playing tricks on you. You went crying home to your mommy and daddy and after cookies and a nosewipe, they shed light on the fact that the boy is probably doing it because he likes you.

It took me some time but part of me came to see all she was doing as a compliment.  She's obviously sized me up and seen something in me that she likes. She regards it as precious and even starts to get jealous, insecure, and possessive because she fears losing so important to her. Then she starts playing mind games with me to get attention.

Serpentine people do not make friends easily and tend to be somewhat exclusive. In those rare moments that they feel an affinity with a friend or lover (or in my case a friend they are trying to turn into a lover), they latch on and can get jealous and possessive.  I can personally attest this to be true because she does not do this to any of her other friends. No one would ever describe her as sneaky, conniving b*tch who plays mind games with you because she's never done it to any one else. And they wouldn't believe me if I ever tried to tell them about this other side with her.

It was just my luck that I happened to draw the crazy card with her......

 Note:  In the time its has taken for you to read this blogpost, your femme fatale fiend has completed another 3 steps towards her plan for your demise :(

"Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made."  

Genesis 3:1

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