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Monday, August 16, 2010

Boot Camp

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How are you all?  I am doing better these days. I am really eager to get going but I have had to take it slow and make sure that I am feeling mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically well enough to cope with going to teach in another country. The good news is that I am rapidly recovering and if all goes well, I should be able to make it out this week and get this whole project started.  God has been so good to me and hasn't let me go through more than I can bear. 

But for all of you out there who have been tuning it eagerly, I have a BIG spoiler for season 2.  This story really began about a year ago before my trip when I saw an ad for a company called "Viva Travel Guides"  They are a company that has guides both online and in print available.  Their focus is South and Central America. Not only that, they actually have a writers boot camp that takes place every single year where for one week, all these writers are put into a boot camp and given writing assignments and will be trained and taught on how to write for a guide book by some of Viva travel guide's best writers.

Every year, the boot camp happens in a different country of South and Central America. Last week I checked their website and found out that their bootcamp for 2011 is actually going to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina the week of January 3-7. I'm already going to be in the country so there was no way that I was going to pass up the opportunity to be able to attend the boot camp when I was already in the country.  Upon successful completion of the bootcamp, it is possible to be hired by the company to do writing assignments and reviews and actually get paid for each review that I do.

Not only that, I got in contact with someone at Viva Travel Guides and I told them my whole story about how I lived in Argentina before and that I am going back and that I have this massive website about Argentina that has exploded. She took a very keen interest with me and I just got word today from her that she would love to offer me a spot at the bootcamp.  And that they actually want me to be a guests speaker for the first day at the camp to give a talk about Buenos Aires.  This would be something that they would be paying me to do and they would be doing this by reducing my fee for the boot camp by $50. 

Normally the bootcamp is $350. She told me that because I am already in Argentina, they take $100 off and because I would be a guests speaker, they would be taking an additional $50 off so my fee for the boot camp would be $200. And I could actually get the rest of that fee refunded to me if I do enough paid writing assignments and reviews for them that are up to their standard.  Then after that, if I continue to write for them I will get to keep whatever I make. 

Boot camp is going to be an important step in stretching my muscles and launching my career as a writer. There are also other exciting opportunities, updates, and developments that have come across my path in the last little while. But I've decided to not give everything away all at once on this blogsite and for now I'll just leave something to the imagination of all my readers out there.....

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