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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Getting Burgled and Getting Burgers

photography shown here is by Amelia McGoldrick and have been used with permission.

Last where we left off, you learned that I had been burgled and my wallet taken along with all that was in it including the all important bank only access to my money abroad. Now I could have made a bunch of emergency phone calls abroad begging for funds except God told me not to. I felt like God wanted me to just continue on my life as if nothing had ever happened. I had 3 left to go in Latin America. So whatever happens,  one thing was for certain and that was that the next few weeks leading up to my departure back to Canada were going to be very interesting in terms of how I was going to live.

 So there I was almost a week after losing my card. I was lying on the couch in my apartment snuggled underneath the blankets on a cold, grey, winters day in Bueno Aires. The amount of cash I had left in my wallet had shrunk and so had the amount of food in my house. My body was by now tired and worn from dealing with situation of the loss of my wallet while at the same time attempting to go about my daily routine of classes, meetings etc. in BA.

The great thing about having a job working with social media is that being couch ridden doesn't keep me from getting work done. With my trusty computer by my side, I was still able to remain productive. Another great advantage to working on the internet is that any tweets that go out, you're likely to see them almost immediately. Like a tweet from The Office that says something like "The first person to tell us their favorite dish from our restaurant will win that dish for free".

My response time to that tweet was faster than an eagle swooping down on its prey. Moving at the speed of light and with everything within my soul I responded "The baconator"  For those of you who don't know, the baconator is a gigantic hamburger with melted cheese, onion rings, bacon on an enormous patty of ground beef. No words could do justice to how tasty this burger really is. And not words could do justice to how I felt when I ended up winning the contest and knew that I would have food for that nite.

I didn't hesitate to claim my free prize that nite at the restaurant. This was my 2nd time tasting the baconator but this time there was something extra in the taste, the taste of hope. If I hadn't won the contest, I wouldn't have had anything to eat that nite. But even better, the bacon burger is so big that it left me full so that the very next day, I really wasn't hungry at all.  What a week this was turning out to be....going from getting burgled all the way to getting burgers!

Not to mention that two day later, I found myself on a bus to a city 45 mins outside of Buenos Aires called Quilmes to visit a friend. This is the same friend that I met for lunch in Boedo and who God placed me in her life to be with her during a transitional time in her life.  When I came into her home, she shared maté and cookies with me and we chatted abit and caught up. Later on, she invited me to sit down at a café where she bought café and tostadas for us....with absolutely no idea that I had been robbed.

My conclusion?

 I will never fear again that my needs aren't going to be met, even in the middle of a 3rd world country that doesn't speak english with no access to any type of funds. This situation that could have resulted in me living in fear has gone the other direction, I can honestly say that I live with no fear.  I may be at the end of the of the world but I will never be at the end of my rope....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas