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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Seven Deadly Screwups

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"The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked" 
Proverbs 24:16

Everyone has heard of "The Seven Deadly Sins" but I highly doubt that many people know about my 7 deadly screwups. This passage from proverbs is especially comforting to me, because it is no big secret that I have tripped more than 7 times during this whole adventure that God has sent me on.  One way in which I've grown is realizing that if I commit myself to the path, God will have a way of pulling me back up each time I trip.  And you may have just clicked for the first time onto this site with a big beautiful picture of the Casa Rosada and amazing blogs and wonder "how could this girl could possibly have tripped up?"

Oh trust me, there at least 7 ways and counting that I make mistakes while on the this path. But the good news is that each time I learn from my error and find myself less and less in situations that drive up my blood pressure :o

My Seven Deadly Screwups

1. On my first trip there was a mix up with understanding when my visa date expired.  When I was leaving Argentina for the first time, it was brought to my attention that my visa had expired two wks ago. There was abit of a kerffufle with me in the end having to fork out 300 pesos to immigration to pay for the penalty for overstaying on an expired visa but in the end, I made it to my flight.  I used that time on the plane to rest, bring down my blood pressure and make a careful note to myself to go to Colonia every 90 days.

2.  Showing at the post office not realizing that I need a passport for any kind of transaction. After finally waiting in line for 30-40 mins, it was my turn to go up to the counter.  In addition to not having my proper documents, I was told I need a "sobre". Like a good gringa, I had no idea what a "sobre" was in that moment. Eventually I realized that "sobre" means "envelope". In Argentina you have to buy your own envelope before going to the post office. Lesson learned....I was back at the post office within half an hour with both an envelope and a passport.

3.  Standing there at the bus stop grinning like a silly idiot as I watch the bus I had been eagerly anticipating come and go with me still at the stand. The good gringa in me hadn't been informed that in Bueno Aires you have to wave your hand at the bus driver to get him to stop and pick you up.

4.  Leaping off a bus when I was supposed to stay on. This has happened twice, when I was visiting Lanús and Quilmes. My friend kept telling me to go to the Correo Central near Luna Park. I had no idea where Luna Park was nor did I have a clue what the Correo Central was. Now I understand, Luna Park is the stadium where all the big names come to play in Buenos Aires. It is located close to the Correo Central which is the station where all buses begin or end their route.

5.  Misreading the signals and flirting with a woman who actually was sporting a a deep maternal love for me. comment. (But I highly recommend reading the whole story behind this in my novel "Argentine Eyes"  before you think about hitting the button to unsubscribe from the blog of such an incredibly twisted person you think I must be)

6.  Not signing up to get a Sube card  when I landed in the city for my 2nd trip. Yes, I was well aware of the shortage of monedas in the city and made it a point to hoard up all my coins and use them sparingly.  I had no idea that this 4 x 4 piece of plastic could make such a world of difference in my life in BA. It was a classic gringa moment when I headed to the post office with my passport to sign up for one.....10 days before the end of my 2nd trip after a 9 month stay in the city. With hindsight, I would have reversed that and got the card  within the first 10 days of arriving in the city at the beginning of my 2nd trip.  At least I can walk into season 3 armed with my Sube card by my side as a little companion on trains and subways :)

7.  Thinking that this place and this city had no intention of pulling me back into its grasp after merely one visit (sigh)

Buenos Aires Sucks You In

But the great part about a new year is that you get to start all over again. And perhaps next year the list of all my trip ups will be cut down. So on that note...Gung Hey Fat Choy :)  May the year of the dragon bring you strength, health, wisdom, fortune and prosperity.

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