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Monday, April 16, 2012

An Argentine Serpentine

Before the death of Harry Houdini, he and is wife created a password of sorts. This was so that any charlatan or psychic claiming to be channeling Houdini had to give the password so that his wife knew that it was the real Houdini. After the passing of Houdini, many psychics came to his wife saying that Houdini was being channeled through them. But not one of them got the password correct.  In the end Houdini's wife came to the conclusion that it was impossible to bring Houdini back from the other side.

Houdini may have been master illusionist but an Argentine friend of mine wins the award of being MASTER HYPNOTIST :O  Putting this story on my blogsite was absolutely irresistable but in order to maintain some level of privacy, I had to make some compromises. Firstly that the name of this person is not going to be mentioned nor am I even going to let on to which season I met her in (we are currently in season 3 on this blogsite). Let's just say for now that she's someone that I've know for awhile.

One of the first things I do when I meet a friend is find out what Chinese animal they were born in. To each his    own and some people may not think to much of Chinese astrology or the Chinese zodiac but I do and the majority of the time there has been a high level of accuracy in sizing up people.  But no amount or reading or research could have prepared me for what it is like to receive a snakebite from someone born in the year of the snake and come face to face with a true Argentine serpentine.

When I was reading the profile of someone from the year of the snake, there were descriptions such as "seductive" "possessive" "suave" "calculative". It was my folly to have skimmed over lightly those descriptions thinking nothing of them.  Ultimately it led to me succumbing to a giant snakebite whose venom there is no cure for.

It all started on the last day of my 2nd trip to Buenos Aires. She asked me to send her a text when I was at the airport. A harmless request except that I had ran out of credit.  So to show my commitment, I went to a payphone and called her directly instead. I had not put enough coins for a credit for a sufficient phone call between us so I told her that I was going to hang up and then call her back.

"Dale" she replied which means "OK, go for it".  So I hung up the phone and put more credit and less than a minute later called her number. I couldn't get a hold of her. The message in spanish told me that this line was unavailable.  I kept trying all night long at different phone booths in the airport until it was time to board my flight.  It was my last chance to connect with someone while I was in the same country.

Upon reflection, a random thought had gone through my head for a brief second.  "What if she had somehow disconnected the phone on purpose after I hung up on her the first time?"

 To this day I cannot confirm 100% that this is actually what she did.  That behavior didn't made sense to me, at least not in that moment.  I brushed it off as a random incident. Little did I know that this was the beginning of many "random" incidents and by the time I caught on to what was going on, it would be too late.

To be continued....

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Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas