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Monday, April 23, 2012

From Friend to Frenemy.......

As all of you know, I periodically write article from time to time with tips on how to have success in cross-cultural relationships. This article takes on a very different nature in that it will be teaching all the steps you need to take if you wish to end up hopelessly caught in the coils of a snake and eating out of hands of a powerful enchantress.....a friend turned frenemy. Bonne appetit  :)

We last left off with me telling you the story of the seemingly random incident where I couldn't call my friend after redialing her from the airport. I ended up boarding the plane without having one last chance to speak to her. But separation turned out to be a good thing because being on another continent would allow me to see a whole other side of this friend of mine whom I have dubbed the "Argentine Serpentine"

Once back on Canadian soil, she and I continued to connect via FB like normal....for a little while. A few months into my stay in Canada, another strange seemingly random occurrence happened. Whenever I posted something on her wall, she wouldn't "like" it or "comment" or respond to it in every way. You may think that I am being oversensitive but let me paint you a picture. On her wall there would be posts by 10 other people and she would "like" or comment on all of them except mine. And this happened multiple times where I was the only one she didn't respond to at all. I wasn't seeing things.

To make things even more interesting, sometimes on the persons wall post above me, she would write in english something like "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH".  She would do this whenever she know that I was online on fb at the same time and she would make sure that she responds to the post next to mine and tells them that she loves them in my own native language. None of her friends speak english so her doing that had something to do with me.

A few months later, I began waking up in the middle of the night with the sudden desire to see and be with this person. It was really strange because with most people you get to know them, they grow on you and you grow on them and the friendship goes from there. But in this case, it felt like I was somehow being enchanted and falling under the spell of this person. Just like a disney movie where the wicked seductress cast a spell on the kingdom so that everyone will fall in love with her. I felt like the hunger pangs and craving to see this person come over me like a person under an enchanted spell.

Something about all this felt orchestrated, even the incident at the airport. Almost like a calf who is being fattened for the kill getting the idea that there is a motivation for why they are all of a sudden being given so much food. One day I decided to do a google search with the words "How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You"  I clicked on the very first website that it came up and when I read the words on the page, I almost hit the floor.

I've given you the link so I'm not gonna repeat what it says except to say that the first trick in the article was to make yourself available but then somewhat available. In other words, give them a taste of you and then take it away so they will keep wanting more. If she had actually turned off her phone at the airport, that would have made sense now because after chatting with her briefly, of course I now want to talk to her more and if her phone is off and I keep phoning and phoning, I'm naturally gonna leave Canada missing her more.  But let me reinstate that I can never confirm that she actually turned off her phone. It's just a theory on my mind.

The most twisted part about all of this is that by the time I discovered this article, this enchantment had already broken me. I at this point was craving her presence and would do anything to see her. And not just anything to see her but anything for her.  The Argentine Serpentine had calculated things from beginning to end. It was like a game of chess where she knew exactly where she wanted to move me into position.   She wanted it this way that by the time I returned to Argentina, I would be kissing the ground that she walks.

 In the same way that snakes have a way of being suave and able to speak in a soothing tone, she has that same ability. Never in my life have I encountered anyone like this.  Her presence is like magnet that can draw someone to her and make them look deep into her eyes until they end up in a dazed stupor. So even when she's not trying anything underhandedly, there is just something suave, captivating and mysterious about her.

Now this may be up for debate but I think that at the end of the day, my friend did not do anything wrong. Nobody got hurt in the process and none of my other friendships got hurt. My take on all of this is that she is a serpent and she is gonna do what come natural to someone born in the year of the snake. She cannot help it if her tone is soft and silky. She cannot help it if she has a magnetic presence about her that calls to you. These are things that she was born with and I think she uses both consciously and subconsciously.

To tell you the truth, I think that she is unaware of the power that she is capable of....until I told her via FB. I don't know if I just sealed my fate by telling someone that they have such powerful capabilities because if she wasn't aware before, she certainly knows now after I wrote to her in a dazed enchanted stupor telling her that she's got me eating out of the palm of her hand and I cannot escape.  SILLY MONKEY :O   (literally....I was born in the year of the monkey)

There are many uncertainties in this world but the one thing that I am 100% certain of is that wiggling my way out of the spell of a powerful enchantress is gonna be no easy task.  She's about as easy to figure out as the password that Houdini and his wife agreed upon. From my last blogpost, I told you that Houdini and his wife came up with a password so that any charlatan, psychic etc who claimed to be channeling Houdini would have to give the passwords so his wife would know it was the real Houdini.  There may be many mystery's in our world but the what the password was doesn't have to remain a mystery to you my reader....


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