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Monday, July 09, 2012

The Argentine Serpentine Delivers a Snakebite

There are 3 times in ones life where the words you are using should be utter with upmost reverence and only after careful consideration. The first time is when you are getting engaged and ask a woman to marry you. The   second time is when you actually standing at the altar saying your vows. However, there is a third instance where the words you are speaking shouldn't be uttered unless you are completely ready to stand behind them. And that is when you tell a woman that it is OK for her to kick you in the balls as hard as she can.

The reason why you should be prepared to commit to your words in all the above scenarios is because in each one of them, she is likely to accept your offer.......especially the last one.  This is because in the first two scenarios with engagement and marriage, those only happen once in a blue moon. However for the third instance, those words for her are like a coupon that she can use to reak havoc on your life whenever she pleases without explanation like a coupon she uses at the grocery store.

***  note that when I mean "balls" I mean metaphorically. I don't have any balls because I am not transgendered and at the time of this writing, I still enjoy being a girl and  have no plans to go in that direction.

In previous blogpost, I introduced a new subplot that was going on, one which involves dealing with a friend of mine whom I have been referring to as an Argentine Serpentine.  You'll have to read the previous blogposts to understand the story fully but the basis of it is that I began to suspect that his person is toying with me psychologically and playing mind games. In addition to that, there is some kind of mysterious connection between us that keeps pulling me towards her......not unlike the "Phantom of the Opera". Where something bigger than ourselves is drawing us to each other, a force we cannot explain.

Now just before coming back to Buenos Aires, I sent her a fb message to let her know that I'm coming back but I have no expectations between us. Things have happened in her personal life and my personal life in those 7 months which I have been absent from BA and I wanted her to know that there was no pressure of expectations to pick up where we left off.

That may sound like a sweet gesture to basically try and tell someone that no matter what, I'll always be there for you. But you have to realize this age old truth.........women are evil. It does not matter whether they were born under a flag with a maple leaf or whether you found them at the very ends of the earth, they are all the same. Each one born with an innate ability to drive you up the wall.

In my previous blogs, I stated that there were several instances with this person which I wasn't sure if I was just seeing things or if there was motivation behind their actions. But it seems as if she had somehow started a game of cat and mouse with me and was playing hard to get. And each interaction with her only led to me thinking, wanting, desiring and obssessing about her if she was setting things up to be this way on purpose.

At one point I caught on and suspecting that she had some kind of end game with me.  She is the type of person who can plan 10 steps ahead to get what she wants and meet her goal. That sounds fine and dandy until you find youself  in some kind of game where she is the cat and you are the mouse. This Argentine Serpentine knew exactly what kind of interactions with me she was gonna have before I left BsAs on my last trip, while I was in Canada, and I am convinced that she knew what she was gonna do when I landed for the third time. She already had everything thought out every step of the way.  And thus began my descent into the Phantoms lair  ;)

From having had over 7 months of "interesting" behavior from her while I was in Canada, I was in no way expecting any kind of normal response or conversation when I actually got into the city again.  Part of me was very curious to what the next step she was going to execute in the plot of this mad scientist. When I arrived in BsAs, I wrote on the facebook walls of everyone who I remembered having strong connections with to let them know that I was back. And I didn't have to wait long to find out what she had planned for me, for the moment she checked her fb and found that I was back, she put on a block on me completely (no she didn't simply defriend me).

to be continued.....

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