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Monday, September 10, 2012

FIESTA!!! 3 Yrs Today I Landed in BA....

LIFE IS A HAPPY SONG :D  Three years ago today marks the day that I would set foot on Argentine soil for the first time ever.  And I spared no expense in celebrating this incredible milestone. The weekend began with tucking into a delicious 3 course smoked Brisket and Ribs dinner by El Tejano.  But good company makes tasty food even tastier, company like the team from Anuva Wines who decided to pop in on friday nite to indulge in brisket and ribs as well.

***On a side note if you come to BA and want to do wine tasting there is no other company I would recommend other than Anuva Wines. Great local people who are also seasoned professionals when it comes to the art of wine tasting and offer the experience at fair prices.   @anuvawines

My story is not unlike many people, nothing was working out in Canada and one day I had enough and came to BA for a life change. Like many expats I thought I would be here for a short time and then something happened that made me keep coming back. When I set foot on Argentine soil for the first time, nothing in me could have imagined the things that would happen in the next 3 years. It's also hard for me to fathom that 3 yrs later I am having conversations and giving advice to people who are the same place that I was who are needing a life change.

I could have never imagined becoming the writer here on "Making the Same Difference", one of the most influential blogsites not only on the Buenos Aires scene but in the world of travel as well.   Nor could I have fathomed that I would be the first writer to truly tackle the issue of how to deal with relationship with someone from another culture who speaks another language with my "Cross Cultural Caring" series.In addition to that within the past 3 years I've written an autobiography "Argentine Eyes" as well as have created a 2 day self guided itinerary  to help visitors spend less and see more of the city's hidden gems.  Opportunities have also opened up for me to write for other travel websites like GO and non travel-related sites such as Tiny Buddha.

One of the things for me that is a huge source of work but a tremendous privilege is going deep into both the expat community and the church community and coming back and reporting about it to the rest of the world.  On the top of this blogsite you'll notice that there is a video of "Rock and Vida", the annual rock and roll concert that takes place at the beginning of dec to create awareness about the spread of AIDS. I feel honored that through my work, people outside of BA get a chance to see the church's involvement in social work within the country. They work immensely hard all day everyday in this country and are involved in every level of Argentine society ranging from the gov't and political arena to people on the street.

Every assignment comes its challenges (like falling under the spell of the Argentine Serpentine :P) but it has its rewards as well. One of the most rewarding parts is meeting people and seeing all their innovative ideas and projects. Dan Karlin (who also heads up Anuva Wines) and Fernando Farias are the creators of BA Cast, a weekly podcast focused on expat life here in Buenos Aires. The genius behind the Buenos Aires podcast is that they've made it entertaining, informative, and interesting for anyone even if you have never visited BA.  @bacast

But why should I tell you about their work when I just let you hear the podcast for yourself? I've embedded one of their latest episodes with the theme being "Sex-Related Words".  If you are unable to access the player you may need to download Adobe Flash.  Or you can click on the link below to go to the episode on the BA Cast website and hear it straight from there

I have so much to be grateful for. God has given me more in the last 3 yrs than anything I've had in the almost 30 yrs of my life before that.....

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