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Monday, September 03, 2012

Growth That's Louder than the Radio

"I heard your name on the radio"  My bible group leader gushed.

My eyebrow raised for a moment with curiousity for a brief moment before she explained that she had been listening to the radio station the church ran called Parque Vida. The church based radio station is another way that CCNV extends its hand towards society in the world and participates in social justice issues. Radio Parque Vidas purpose isn't just to keep the members informed with the latest activities of the church but also to reach the people outside and deal and discuss issues relevant to Argentina and Latin America. Like any radio station, there are promos and ones that announce that an english program is starting at CENV with a native english speaking professor ANGELINA.

I had met with someone from the school on Wednesday to discuss the plans for the course I would be teaching for this new year in school. The representative from the school mentioned that they were gonna promote it but I had no idea that they were gonna put an ad for courses with me on their national radio station. When I arrived at my church group on Friday, my bible leader had heard my name mentioned on the radio and was gushing all about it and telling the other group members.

Gotta admit that when she told me that, it was a great feeling to know that my name was getting spread around on national radio. Also because many people are listening all over Argentina,  people like the Argentine Serpentine. I wonder how she would react if she heard my name announced for english classes for a new year in the college.  She is the kind of person that uses every bit of info that she glean to help her plan her next move......

But this wasn't about accolades or recognition, it was about growth. And hearing that our program was being announced and promoted felt like a milestone....a sense of growth. For those of you who have become familiar with me, you'll know that I hunger to grow and I purposely surround myself with like-minded people who are hell bent on growing.

Later on in my session with the group, I shared an interesting experience. I pointed out that obviously I wasn't a native spanish speaker and sometimes when hearing the pastor talk, I can only understand 10% of what is being said. But that tiny 10% that I do use is all God needs to touch my heart, change me and cause me to grow. And I brought to light that I do have friends who are native spanish speakers who are hearing the same message for years and years on end and still do not understand the vision of the church even though they understand the words of the message spoken to them in their native language.

What got birthed out of our discussion was the fact that if one is hungry and open, that is all God needs to radically transform someone. When I listen to the message being spoken, I am beyond hungry. I will try and catch any phrase I can possible understand in hopes that it would fuel my hunger for growth. And God sees that and he can take the underdog who has all odds stacked against her and propels her further past the masses who sit in mediocrity.

This moment from the audition in "Britains Got Talent" says it all.....

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