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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Argentine Serpentine Spits Venomous Poison From Her Fangs

There is nothing more entertaining in the world than watching two people arrive at the same destination on the same day, each with a plan on how they were gonna mess with the other persons head. Every 3 months, my church has a massive gathering of all the churches in the region to mark the end of another trimester. It is a HUGE family event and I knew everyone would be there. And in my gut I knew that somehow, the Argentine Serpentines path would cross for the first time ever since my arrival in Argentina.

In my mind I made a resolve that if I saw that sneaky snake, I was gonna ignore her. One of my greatest strengths as a person is my ability to stick to any resolve that I make.  However, there are a few times in my life when my resolve gets overridden because someone else had plans for how she would handle an encounter with me and had made up a resolve of her own.  I can only imagine that when the two of us woke up that morning, we were thinking the exact same thing. We knew the other person would be at the same event and each of us had to make a plan in advance to gain the upper hand.  One of our plans would indeed triumph that just wouldn't be mine.

I arrived at the massive public park close to my district where the gathering of thousands was to be held. The church always sets up well for these events with public washrooms, food vendors, musicians etc. I arrived on the scene giving the usual "beso" greetings to my loved ones whom I happen to stumble upon the the crowds of thousands. Soon the music began and I took a seat. I looked around and saw no sign of the Argentine Serpetine. I breathed a sigh of relief but the relief would be short lived.

My eyes closed for a sec to breathe in the music and take part in the singing of the congregation. When I opened them, I briefly glanced to the other side of the park where people were streaming in and trying to find a seat. And for a moment I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but to my dismay, they weren't. It was the Argentine Serpentine in all her glory. My eyes followed her for a few moments as I watched her search for a seat. I remember to keep my resolve to completely ignored her if she tried to interact with me in any way.

However, something happened in that moment that would ruin my entire resolve for that night and would make it impossible for me to quit thinking about her in the days to come. I didn't think that she had seen me but without warning, she turned and looked straight at me and mouthed a kiss directly my way before proceeding to take a seat. She took a seat in a position where I would be able to see her.

That moment may have seemed small and uneventful but you have to realize my emotional state. This is someone who puts me on fb block one wk after landing in Argentina and then shows up at a church meeting and sends me a kiss across the room. Physically I could ignore her but it would be impossible for me to quit thinking of her. In a fraction of a second, that one moment with her ruined so much for me because it left me wanting even more of her.

More and more I am realizing that she is a person who does things that may seem spontaneous but are actually planned out. You see, when I was looking at her she looked directly at me and then sent me a kiss. It wasn't like she was looking around and happened to see me and then sent a kiss my way. She knew exactly where I was sitting and must have found that info out even before I saw her looking for a seat.  

 In the animal kingdom, that kiss would have been equal to a snake spitting venomous poison that subdues its victim in seconds. That cryptic kiss left me with more questions than answers.   But whatever the case may be there was one thing that I was 100% certain of.....

She knew the meaning of the word "premeditated" 

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