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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hunting for the Elusive Poison Dart Frogs

All my life I have heard about the amazing diversity of the amazon jungle but nothing on this earth could have prepared me for the level of diversity within the forest jungles. There are many excursions you can go on depending on your needs and preferences, likes or goals. Among the millions of options available, one of the excursions is to go searching for Poison Dart Frogs. Up until now I had only seen them on the discovery channel.

Poison Dart Frogs have a very interesting history behind their names. Within their skin is venom so that if a bird tried to eat them, the poison would end up killing the bird. The natives would collect these frogs, boil them and the poison would go to the bottom and seperate from the water. They would take the poison and stick it onto their darts and this is how they would hunt.  Whenever they saw a monkey or any creature they wanted to kill for food they would take a dart, insert it into a blowhole and shoot the dart at the animal.

Poison tipped blow darts are an ingenious idea. Makes me want to order a 100 of them in time for X-mas. There is a person or two I wouldn't mind using blow darts on.....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas