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Monday, February 17, 2014

My Timeless Multi-City Money Saving Tradition: Hitting the Grocery Store

No matter what country's soil I find myself standing on, there has always been one tradition that spans every border crossing and not only saves me a ton of money but helps me get to know the culture a little bit. The moment I get settled into my accomodation there is always one 5 word question that never fails to pop out.....

"Where is the grocery store?"

This seemingly insignificant question is in fact one of the most important money saving questions any traveller can have. The first benefit of visiting the local grocery store is that you start to learn what other people are eating, drinking and the ingredients they are using. It serves as a great cultural lesson.

Another benefit of hitting the grocery store when you land is that it gives you the chance to stock up on goodies. Having things you can stuff in your mouth prevents you from spending money going out to eat when in reality all you wanted in that moment was something to grab. That way you end up spending money when you are truly in the mood to go out.

One of the most interesting places to stroll around the grocery store is in the country of Peru.  Due to it's geographical location and diverse climate, Peru has an endless amount of unique local produce. The country alone produces more than 3000 types of potatoes. In reality when entering into a Peruvian supermarket, you never know when the gigantic catch of the day might catch your eye.

p.s your curiousity must be burning by now so I'll answer question. This monstrous sea creature staring back at you is called "Congrio", a species of eel *GULP*

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