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Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking a Gander around Gaudi-land

With so much coverage that goes on in the world of travel at one point you start to feel like you've seen it all. If those feelings of boredom start to set in there is one simple solution, all you need to do is head to Barcelona....the city where Gaudi is god. Speaking of God, even if one doesn't believe in the existence of God, a trip to one of Gaudi's works would get you wondering.

His genious goes beyond architecture and design. I visited Casa Batlo, one of the houses he built in Barcelona and the whole experience left me at total loss for words. Gaudi not only incorporated design elements into his work but he had a superior understanding of how to channel in light and where it should hit for maximum effectiveness.

The above photo may seem like two different windows but they are the exact same window. On one side the light falls in and illuminates it creating a jewel-like effect. But if you walk to the other side of the door the glass in the frame looks completely different. His understanding of lighting combined with design are completely flawless. No doubt there was genious in that man's genes.....

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