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Monday, April 21, 2014

Amphibians of the Amazon

One of the most addicting things about the amazon jungle is that you never know what your trip may bring you. You may want to see lots of monkeys and end up seeing lots of snakes instead. You may want to swim with pink dolphins but instead get bitten by a piranha :S

 My very first trip to the amazon jungle seem to yield a collection of frog and toad pictures, enough to do a blog dedicated to amphibians of the amazon. The first pic below is of a nocturnal toad that we came across while looking for Caiman

This is the exact same species of frog as the very first photo on this blog and it was taken on the same nite. If you look hard you will see two frogs in the middle doing well uh........

 Blink and you'll miss it......the only thing that could possibly give this male bullfrog is its glowing eye.  We spotted this toad during night stroll through the jungle. You'll find that at night the majority of the animals glow in the dark to help them find their way. But they can't be too flashy or it makes them an easy target for predators. Note that the color of the bullfrog almost matches exactly the color of the forest floor. Pretty clever huh? We could hear the deep mating call of the bullfrog echo through night during our forest stroll.

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas