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Monday, February 08, 2016

This Little Monkey Still Has a Snakebite on Her Arse (no sexual nuances intended)

My heart has been waiting forever for this day to come and now the day has arrived.....Feb 8th is HERE.  Today isn't your average monday, it's a special day for me for a multitude of different reasons. Let's start with the obvious that today is the start of the Chinese new yr. Gung Hey Fat Choy to everyone around the world. What makes it even more special is that it is the year of the monkey, my yr. For each of us out there celebrating Chinese New yr that falls upon the animal of our birth yrs happens only once every 12 yrs. And to top it off this yr the lunar calendar Chinese new yr happens to fall on feb 8th and in Chinese culture 8 is the luckiest number of all.

But there is another secret reason why feb 8th is a significant day for me, this blog turns 6 yrs old TODAY. It was on feb 8th 2010, that I sat in my dorm room thinking to myself "hmmm, I wonder what would happen if  I took copies of all the emails I've been sending to a select group of people and posted it on a blog?" So I did exactly that, I innocently posted copies of my writing, my blog began exploding with hits from visitors around the world and the rest is history.

To celebrate the start of a new year as well as the birth of my blogsite I've included a link here to the very first blogpost I posted on this blog that was done the very first day my feet touched Argentine soil.

As well I've posted a video from my Youtube channel of my favorite place to chill in Buenos Aires, El Ateneo.  Few things in my mind rival El Ateneo in its splendor and glory. Originally it was a magnificent theatre that eventually got converted into one of the most famous book stores in the world. If a picture is worth a thousand words then videos are priceless. Enjoy....

Being so close to Valentines day we all find self deprecating stories of misery and woe far more entertaining than stories of chocolates, roses, and faeries. And for my audience who've been following this blog faithfully there hasn't been any story of someone's misery and woe that was more enjoyable to them other than MINE. When I first landed on Argentine soil I had no idea that I would eventually fall under the spell of the Argentine Serpentine.

The Argentine Serpentine was a friend turned frenemy. In 2011 I was teaching some students english in the school the church ran.  During the course of the english class one of the students started to feel a connection with me and I felt a connection with her. Eventually she found out that I'm into women.

To make a very long complicated story short, she was in a relationship with a man at that time that she knew wasn't going to work out eventually. So when she found out that I'm gay, she decided that she was going to get me to fall in love with her......without me knowing. So connection eventually turned into obsession and she began to plot and scheme on how to cast a love spell on me using clever knowledge of the human psyche.

At that time I had absolutely no clue how truly obsessed with me she was. But slowly she began working on me bit by bit, weaving an enchantment on me and by the time I realized what she was up to, it was too late for my soul. I was eating out of the palm of her hand, drunk her entire love potion and had fallen under the hypnotic spell of the Argentine serpentine. Thus my life turning into an episode of Once Upon a Time with me as her hapless victim and her as the evil enchantress.

In all fairness to my side of the story, I did attempt to break the enchantment but the results are futile. At one point I made a plan to one day message her and give her a piece of my mind. Unfortunately one night I went out for a 5 course dinner with wine pairings. And it is never a good idea to get on the internet and message an Argentine Serpentine after you've had 5 glasses of wine because instead of giving her a piece of my mind like I planned, I ended up telling her that i was deeply in love with her.....playing into her hands even further.

Her possessiveness and obsessiveness of me eventually led to a climax with her leaving her home town located one hr outside of Buenos Aires and all that she's ever known and moving into a neighbourhood near me. Even though I eventually escaped the madness of life in Buenos Aires, I'm not sure I've ever truly escaped from the enchantment of the Argentine Serpentine. Looks like this little monkey has still got a snake bite on her arse (no sexual nuances intended).

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas