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Friday, October 22, 2010

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

The other day I wrote a blog on how the movie "Blue Crush" was symbolic of my life and journey. But if I had to choose a book that symbolizes my experiences right now, I would say that it would be "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". A journey through Wonka's chocolate factory where there are surprises waiting around every corner. And speaking of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", that is the book that I'll be using to be as teaching material for private lessons in my home with a 12 yr old girl.

I really need to thank God right now for the little ways that he looks after me. I totally want to acknowledge that while I was packing and deciding what to take to Argentina while in Canada, it definitely was God that put the idea in my head to pack this book. I originally packed it for my reading pleasure because it is hard to find literature in english to read down here but this book gonna become the perfect tool for one of my students in helping her in reading, comprehension, & pronounciation etc

The other area where God constantly surprises me and comes through for me is with this spanish course I am wanting to take. I signed up for courses through the Vamos Spanish Academy They have several different type of courses available. One is a 20 hr a week intensive course that has classes Monday to Friday from 9:30-1:30. The other is a course designed for expats and people who live and work here who may not have as much time to study spanish but still want to take lessons a couple times a week.

After completing their spanish placement test to determine my level, I informed them that the expat course would be best for me because my schedule is quickly filling up with people wanting lessons in english. But there is one catch to this expat course, there needs to be enough people wanting to enroll in the same course who have the same level of spanish as me in order for me to be able to start. If no other person was available at that moment, then I could be possibly waiting weeks before I can start.

As of last nite, I was informed that they found someone else who wanted to do that course who was found to have a similar level of spanish as me. And if both of us were available, we could start on Tuesday the 26th. The class would be twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 90 mins. And I need to acknowledge that again, God provides for me. I'm going to be starting as of Tuesday instead of waiting around for weeks praying and hoping that someone else of a similar level would be interested in taking a course as well.

Just like in Wonka's Chocolate Factory, there are surprises around every corner and I am learning to expect the unexpected. But no matter what, God is behind every surprise. Right now, the school and I have a big conundrum. Yes, I made it here to Argentina but it seems as if the students that showed interest originally in the program really don't want to put in the time, effort, and commitment to learn english. In the cases of some of my friends, they are simply too busy to learn english but this is a case whereI think that they are simply too lazy. I love it that Argentineans like relaxation and free time but this is a circumstance where this aspect of their culture is not benefiting me or the school.

But I have informed the school that God wants me here in this time right now and that the vision will be realized in the end but it may look far different than what we thought originally. If this were a movie, I would say that we would be finishing the first 25-30 mins that are supposed to be exciting and attention grabbing and now we are at the middle part where things slow down abit and the plots starts to thicken and unfold in more subtle ways.

I give thanks to God that my schedule is filling up with people wanting to pay me to teach them. In terms of my relationship with the school and this vision we had, I have absolutely no clue what to do. There is nothing for me in Canada and there is nothing for me here except tango english classes, spanish lessons and the occasional church event....surface-wise that is. But it's only making this plot more interesting because now the big question is "What exactly is Angelina in Argentina for?"

You'll want to stick around as new characters get introduced, curveballs get thrown and like Charlie in Wonka's chocolate factory, I find myself weaving my way through a series of twists and turns in the plot. In the same way that on a trampoline no matter how high you jump and go flying through the air, you know you'll come crashing down back onto the safety of the trampoline ( least most of the time) at the end of the day I know that I will always fall right back into the hands of my maker. It is ultimately the place where all plots begin and all plots end....

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