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Monday, October 11, 2010

Turkey Talk!

Happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends out there! And to our neighbours on the other side of the border, I pray that as you celebrate thanks giving in just a couple of weeks that it would be a wonderful time of feast and family. Being in Buenos Aires this year did not stop me from having my one little taste of turkey, although it did come in a rather unusual form.

Needing a breathe of fresh air, I took a brief rendez-vous at Café Margot on Boedo Avenue. At first glance it may look like any other café but there is once twist....they are famous for turkey. Turkey is not common in Buenos Aires and it is not a food that is part of the culture here. But there are a few spots in the city where you can get turkey sandwiches and food products made with turkey.

Whenever I visit a cafe, I always ask them what is popular or what they are known for and most often I will just order whatever they recommend. From reading a few articles, it seems to me that this cafe had quite a popular dish that consisted of dark meat of turkey that had been pickled sprinkled with pieces of white meat. It was such an unusual offering on the menu that I could resist dropping by the café so I could satisfy my curiousity.

As for the taste? Well, the only way to describe it is to say that it taste like dark meat dipped in gravy that has had lemon juiced mixed in for good measure. If I ever found myself barefoot & pregnant and craving something pickled in the middle of BA, I would definitely would hesitate to make my way over to Cafe Margot for this little delicacy.

Not that I have any plans to get pregnant while I'm here so don't be starting any hot gossip about my activities down in South America. Speaking of gossip, I'm learning that gossip isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when there's a rumour going around that there is a new gal in town who has a proven ability to teach english. It's the kind of gossip that will end up resulting in me suddenly finding my pockets lined with pesos...

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