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Friday, October 08, 2010

Grocery Day in BA

As tempting as it is, I know that I cannot be eating my own weight's worth of meat all the time. So I made today a day to run errands and take my stuff to the laundromat as well as do some grocery shopping. The first time I ever really took a good look around a supermarket in Argentina, I was in there for two hours. Today I must have browsed around for 90 mins before finally making up my mind on what I wanted and then heading to the check out counter. I took some pictures of all the items I got here on my first shopping spree of my second trip. All this cost about 60 pesos which at the current exchange rate amounts to $20

Just like in North America, some supermarkets in Buenos Aires offer already made food available for take away that you can pay for by the gram or kilogram. Some of the stuff that they were offering as food items were pretty wild. There was like cows tongues in vinagrette which I became a fan of on my last trip. On today's trip to the grocery store, I was trying to find something that would be a healthy compromise between my disdain of cooking and my desire to stay healthy. At last I bypassed all the other food offerings that they had and spooned some stewed lentils into a small plastic bowl to be weighed and wrapped. But I'll be back for those cow tongues one day soon....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas