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Friday, November 05, 2010

Energy Star Award

Energy Star

The more time that I spend here, the more I'm beginning to see differences in the behavior and the makeup of people from different parts of Latin America. For example, my friend Diana is Peruvian and like me has grown up near the ocean in a very similar environment. So if you talk to her about things like energy, spirituality and connection she can converse with you on subjects like that. She has that kind of a sensitivity to the spiritual realm and the things unseen. It's interesting talking to her because she has only been living here in Buenos Aires since 2006 and since she's not Argentinean, there are cultural huge differences between people who grew up in a background that is similar to her and I and people who are native porteños or porteñas. What is even more interesting is watching how people from this culture deal with the realm of the spiritual or unseen.

The only time you'll every really hear Argentines talk about energy or connectivity is when you are taking a tango class or maybe in a milonga. Outside of that, it daily life Argentines are very literal and this is a culture where they do not talk about feeling, sensing, or intuition or energy. It is not a culture where they have a fascination with paranormal activity nor are they accustomed to it. But it doesn't mean that those things don't affect them or aren't part of their lives. And this is where things start to get REALLY fascinating!

You see, although Argentines don't discuss or intellectualize on the subject of energy and spirituality, it seems to me that when they feel a pull towards something or someone, they just go with it and they don't even realize it. Marisa is a prime example of this. If you try talking to her about energy and connection, she has no clue what I am trying to tell her. Given that we've only been friends about a year and we are from different cultures, it will take her awhile to understand my background and where I am coming from.

But when she first met me, I could feel like there was some kind of reaction from her. I remember having my very first cell group with her and I felt that something about me caught her attention. Then almost every cell group after that, she made sure that she would sit specifically beside me. And even when we weren't in a cell group, I really felt that when I entered the room there was some kind of emotional response from this woman.

Any casual observer might have thought that this woman was exhibiting some favoritism towards me. It was so obvious that there is some kind of bond or emotional attachment that is happening. She's part of this culture where people just go with the flow. They don't think or obsess or try and psychoanalyze their behavior. She just does whatever she feels drawn to do and the really cool part is she doesn't even notice that she changes. In this culture there seems to be a lack of self-consciousness when it comes to one's behavior. It keeps things very interesting around here!

If you ask Marisa, she will tell you that she loves everyone the same and she loves me no more or less than another person. But judging from her behavior in the first season, what I will say is that actions speak way louder than words and it is obvious that something drew her to me when I entered into the church. One day soon she I and I are going to have a talk where I will explain it to her in words she will understand about bonding, connection, and energy and things that aren't really conversed about in this culture.

But whether I am dealing with Diana or Marisa, one thing both these girls have in common is that there is a simplicity and a flow that is both organic and beautiful in my relationships with both these women. It's getting harder and harder to find relationships that are untouched my narcissism and unplagued by consumerism, self or ego. There is a level of innocence in my relationships here that I find refreshing and almost too good to be true at times.

It is an absolute joy to witnessing both these girls going with the flow and responding naturally to the energy around them. At this point, one girl is aware of those elements unseen and how those forces in our world influences us while the other is not. But I wouldn't hesitate even for a second to give either of these two an Energy Star Award.....

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