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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surfing the Waves of Life

Two people surfing on a beach in Brazil.Image via Wikipedia

The new spanish teacher sat in front of me. She had straight blond hair and eyes that sparkled with life and curiousity. And in that instant I knew that there was something different about her that seperated her from other Argentineans. She had us introduce ourselves as well and in the midst of the introductions, I found out that she was passionate about surfing. Her eyes would just light up as she talked about the sport and how it was unique in the world and there was nothing like it.

We ended up having a good discussion in class about, surfing, energy, connectivity and the Argentine's relationship to energy and those forces unseen. And I was very pleased to find out that I was right in what I wrote in my other blog "Energy Star Award". Argentines do not talk on the subject of energy nor is it something that they really think about or are aware of. But in this culture they just go with the flow and allow those forces to play a role in their lives and influence them.

I cannot tell you what a pleasure this discussion was. Talking with her only served to fuel in me a greater desire to learn to surf. The Vamos Spanish Academy actually has several different types of excursions that students can go on. One of those excursions is a surfing excursion where the school can arrange for surfing lessons and transportation to some good surf spots. Surfing is both an amazing sport and an experience. It's been said that surfing is the only sport in the world where right there on top of the waves, you are in both the past in and the present. It's a moment in eternity that can never be replicated or recreated.

But the chat with her gave me even more valuable insight. As you know, I have a friend named Marisa who I feel in our friendship that energy, connection and unseen forces are an influential factor. Her being Argentinean, it's a concept that is difficult for her to grasp when I try to talk to her about how I think that there is a strong connection between us and this is something we need to take into consideration. Now that I've had a talk with this teacher as well as Diana, I now have people who understand both side. They understand the way Argentineans would think or view things and they understand my point of view and experience as well when I am talking about energy and connectivity.

Marisa and I are absolutely hell bent on making our relationship work. It really isn't easy at times and sometimes some complicated factors come into play that there is just no easy answer to. But once again, just when I wasn't sure how to reconcile our two cultures, the resources are being made available for us to help bridge the gap between our two worlds.

Surfing the waves of life or relationships is never easy. We cannot control the kind of challenges that crash against the shore. But at the end of the day there is no wave that she or I cannot conquer together with God as our guide and our "surf instructor". One of my greatest comfort is in knowing that no matter what kind of waves crash against the shores of our friendship, she'll be right there by my side, ready to grab her surf board and paddle beside me all the way....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas