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Monday, March 28, 2011

Minding Montevideo with Marisa pt 2

What makes meat in Uruguay & Argentina incredible is that there is an art to the cooking and barbecuing. The people who work the grill are very specific on the amount of time the meat is on the grill and each type of meat gets a different treatment during it's time on the grill to ensure that the full flavor has been brought out. And every so often one of the workers will stop by and toss a few more logs into the fire to keep the flame strong.  As I quietly gnawed on an asado while watching the flames roar over the meats on the grill at at the Estancia del Puerto in Montevideo's "Mercado del Puerto", I couldn't help but feel like that fire was symbolic of my relationship between me and Marisa.

Like a piece of meat, our relationship started out plain and raw just like any relationship. But what has made all the difference is that our relationship was carefully watched by the ultimate grill master........God. Little did we know that he was watching every step of our relationship the same way workers oversee meat cooking on  an asado. It was God's intention the whole time to bring out the full flavor in our relationship but for that to happen, both of us needed to total trust in him and in each other.  Both of us have very strong personalities and are also very emotional people. We both get needy and have our desire for intimacy and closeness. So just like meat on a grill, it was vital that things happen exactly at the right time, not a minute too soon or too late.

In the same way that flames start to die down after awhile, there have been numerous moments in the last year and a half that we have been in each other's lives that I felt that we began to dry out. But little did we know that God had one huge log prepared to throw into the fire and just when the flames had all but died out, God had a plan to ignite our relationship and make things new all over again.

The revelation didn't come all in one day and because of that, I cannot write in just one blog all that has happened.  A series of mysterious circumstances led to some profound life changing revelations about our friendship. Our lives and relationship are starting to closely resemble episodes of  "Lost", you need to know the back-story in order to understand what is happening.

We ourselves are still in the process of working out what has happened and what is happening within us, much less try and tell it to an audience worldwide.  But regardless, in the coming weeks I promise you that you will have the pleasure of joining us as our destinies get written out and our journeys begin to unfold.

I liken our reunion in Montevideo, Uruguay to that of a chemical reaction. It's when two chemicals come together at the speed of light and results in chemical bonding.....the creation of something new. More has happened our hearts in those 4 days in Uruguay than the whole last year and a half. Yet without all the little events that took place in the last year and a half, Uruguay would have only been a holiday destination as opposed to the place where our relationship began to fulfill it's destiny.

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas