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Monday, April 04, 2011

A Walk to Remember

Pocitos Beach in MontevideoImage via Wikipedia

Upon arriving at the hostel in Montevideo Saturday nite, I found out that they did not accept Argentine pesos as payment.....which is all that I had. All the currency exchange houses were closed so I called it a nite and made a resolved to get my money changed over to Uruguayan pesos the very next morning.

Sunday morning after enjoying the free breakfast that the hostel provides, I asked for directions to the nearest currency exchange house. I got given a map and given directions to the local shopping mall where I could get my Argentine pesos changed into the local currency. But the part where things got interesting is that there are actually two malls in Montevideo, one closer to the hostel and one further away.

My original intent was to go to the one closer but when I was out and about asking for directions, the locals thought I wanted to go to the Montevideo shopping mall (the one that was further away) and pointed me in that direction. I soon found myself meandering to the other side of town and upon brief consultation with the map I had been given, came to the realization that I had taken the long way. Nevertheless, I eventually fulfilled my goal of getting Argentine pesos changed over to Uruguayan pesos.

As it turns out, that would not be my first meander to that mall that I would do that day. There would be a second time that very same day just hours later that I would be taking that same path to the mall but this time the long meander would feel somewhat shorter.  Long walks tend to feel shorter when you are meandering with Marisa by your side. After running some of her weekly errands, she came by the hostel to see me. Montevideo mall is also in the vicinity of the Centro Cristiano Nueva Vida's church plant in Montevideo so we made a plan to walk and talk.

 What can I say except that during our stroll  more happened between us in those 45 mins than some relationships I had been in for years. The bonding continued after our time in the mall was done and we spent time together in the church service. The events of the last few days leading up to the trip changed everything. Little did we know that it would be a walk to remember....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas