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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Very "Bieber" Easter

Like most of you out there, I find that every easter I hear the same story. You know, the one about Jesus dying on the cross as a sacrifice and what an act of love it was. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that every single message I hear is just an echo of another message in another church service. But I promise you that the message today on my blogsite will be anything but drab, boring, traditional or overused.

Instead of talking about Jesus dying on the cross, I want to take you to Jesus's last few moments on the cross. According to scripture, he looked at his mother Mary standing there helplessly watching him die. He then sees his disciple John standing beside her, a disciple he had a special fondness for. Jesus looks into the eyes of his mother and says "Woman, this is your son.". Then he looks into the eyes of John and says "This is your mother". The Bible says that from that moment on, John took Jesus's mother Mary into his home.

Family is something that I believe is close to the heart of God. One of God's first acts was to create a family and one of Jesus's last act was to create a family when he put John and his mother Mary together. Family was so important that even as he was on the cross dying, he used the little breathe that he had left to speak into existence the creation of a new family.

Jesus's act on the cross really echos the pattern we see in God's universe. Everyday, galaxies collide with one another and results in the old system dying and the creation of a new one. In creation when a species wants to reproduce, the sperm and the egg collide, resulting in the creation of something new.

Wherever you are this easter or whatever your family situation may be, keep in mind that you were never intended to be alone. You don't have to watch and feel every single creature on planet earth have a place to belong except you. Open your heart to the path and your world will collide with someone else's. Just like what happens when two chemical substances hit each other, there will be a reaction and something new will be created. The universe is always in the process of creation and you are no different....

Have a very "Bieber" Easter!!!

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas