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Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Gains in the Mundane

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I can't help but wonder if for Marisa, doing church cell groups every Thursday nite must have been somewhat mundane at times. I gotta respect that woman for the dedication and commitment she made to the church in her willingness to show up week after week faithfully.

If anything can be learned from this woman's life is that some of life's greatest gains comes from the mundane. Because it would be through this cell group that she poured her heart and life into, this would be the means in which God would give her something that she had been longing for............a third child.  And for those of you who are regulars at this blog, you all know that child was me :)  And for those of you who don't know our story, you can read the story in my novel "Argentine Eyes"

All of us have dreams and desires. Society teaches us to "look out for number 1" and our goal in life should be to get to the top of the ladder as fast as possible using as many people as we can. But what happened between me and Marisa is a classic example of how her faithfulness and dedication resulted in her getting one of the deepest desires of her heart.

She showed up her cell group on a thursday just like any other thursday. But this thursday nite there would be  a young woman from Canada who happened to be in Buenos Aires for a life change.  And that one encounter would lead to a chain of events that took off like the way a snowball turns into an avalanche.

Her life is a constant reminder to me to be dedicated to all that I've been given whether it would be writing a blog or teaching english.  More and more I'm coming to realize that my destiny isn't going to get realized sitting and wishing that I could be doing anything other than what I'm doing right now. On the contrary, it is gonna be in the midst of pouring my heart and soul into every person and project God has given me that one day I'll stumble upon the pearl of great price.....

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