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Monday, May 07, 2012

Untangling the Mysteries of Tango

One of the best decisions I ever made was to get tangled up in the world of Argentine tango. Not only did I meet people from all walks of life in the lessons and milongas....I gained respect and bragging rights among my peers. This is because most modern day Argentines do not dance tango. In the minds of many of the youth, this is what people their grandparents age do or something that you read about in history books. It's so funny to see the puzzled expressions come to their face when I tell other people my age that I dance tango :O

However, I haven't been able to dance tango in awhile because when I hit 30 yrs old, changes started to happen in my body and I needed some time out to better understand my body chemistry.  The title of a recent blog that I wrote "High Metabolism....Low Blood Sugar", speaks for itself. My health deteriorated because I didn't understand my body chemistry.  But since then God has blessed me with wisdom to see what my body needs and I'm on my way to making a comeback.

Although I haven't been able to dance tango in awhile, I still love watching it and upon reflecting on my life, I start to wonder if tango has impacted me as a person. The Argentine tango is a very sensitive and sensual dance and when a woman is in a tango embrace with a man, anything can happen. She doesn't know whether he's going to go backward, forward, do an ocho or a move. Her body learns to be sensitive to the slightest change.

Sometimes I wonder if dancing Argentine tango has helped me become a person who is very sensitive to subtlety.  There are certain relationships that I have where I can read even the most subtle body language from them and can take an educated guess on what that person is thinking, feeling, or wanting.

It's funny because during Argentine tango, we're encouraged to go with the flow and not think too much or too hard. But it is kind of fun when you aren't doing tango to ponder about the impact it has on ones life and the potential benefits. There has always been a link between medicine and the arts but our knowledge of that went to a new level when Argentine tango started to get used as therapy for patients with neurological conditions.

 Argentine Tango for Therapy

It would be neat to think that dancing tango may have had a positive impact on daily life on things like relationships and other non tango related things.  Tango is all about energy and connectivity and it is the few dances where there is a direct relationship between the natural world and the world unseen. And I would love to entertain the notion that as a result of Argentine tango, I'm now more sensitive to another person's energy and the things that are said and can be seen but also the things that aren't said or seen.....

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