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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fueling Up on Food, Fun & Friendship at Full City Coffee House

Some of the biggest waves ever recorded that have knocked surfers off their surfboards often began with a small breeze of wind causing friction against the calm ocean water. Here in BsAs we've seen just about everything and in many ways we've been here done that. However, every so often someone comes along with an amazing idea that sweeps us off our feet the same way a wave can wipe surfers out.

It was a day that began just like any other day but the events of the day wound up being anything other than ordinary. I kept hearing a variety of sources rave about Full City Coffee House and how this was one of the best things to ever happen to the food scene down in BsAs.  I came expecting to taste just the food but I left the café that day with something more than just food............friendship :)

To this very day, I don't know what exactly was the official cause of my "wipeout". It could have been the deep rich taste of authentic Columbian coffee coupled with perfectly done burgers with just the right hint of spice. Perhaps it was when the owner Alan took time out to chat with me. I got a chance to meet his Columbian wife and within minutes of talking to them, their passion for food and coffee oozed out. Their love and desire to put heaven into any cup of café that they serve was so obvious

The root of the word "passion" is the latin word "passio" meaning "to suffer". In other words, you cannot say you have passion for something without being willing to pour every bit of yourself sacrificially into whatever you call your love or passion.  If there was any one aroma in that café that smelled even better than fresh ground columbian coffee it was the scent of hunger. This was one couple that more than anything had a deep hunger for growth that dripped from every word of their mouths the same way rich columbian coffee drips into every cup that they brew.

 All I can say that their love, generosity, passion coupled with sizzling sensations and tantalizing tastes weren't something that knocked me off my caused a total WIPEOUT. 

Full City Coffee House: Real Coffee Has Finally Arrived (by Pick up the Fork)

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