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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock and Vida 2012

One of the perks of having immersed into the Argentine culture is that I get to do things that go beyond all the regular tourist traps. The church has a mandate to spread awareness on AIDS. On this particular day, we were based in a park handing out flyers and taking surveys of people's knowledge about AIDS. In addition to that,  free condoms would be given out to encourage people to be safe and take care in all activities that they participate in.

In first world nations and more conservative countries, walking up to someone asking of they want to do a survey is considered highly intrusive and that kind of behavior is frowned upon immensely. But here in Argentina it was surprising how open people were to talk to us and take time out to do the survey and get informed on AIDS.  90% of the people that we stopped to see if they would talk to us welcomed our efforts to spread awareness and information on AIDS.

The thing I love most about watching Centro Cristiano Nueva Vida  is that their fight against AIDS doesn't just happen once a year. They have projects all year round and can regularly be seen on the streets of Buenos Aires distributing pamphlets and engaging the public in discussions about AIDS and spreading the mission of Rock & Vida.


If you happen to be in Buenos Aires don't forget to stop by the Plaza de Congreso 7pm this Saturday, Dec 1st. See u there :)

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