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Monday, November 12, 2012

Vitamin E & Me......

Olive! (Photo credit: Bibi)

There have never been any fantasies in my mind about the challenges of living abroad can bring. But one advantage to life in Argentina is that the amount of natural resources this country has. Being one of the greatest wine exporters in the world results in the fact that I can walk into a grocery store and buy an exceptional quality bottle of wine for $8 USD.

As it turns out, I find myself needing to make every possible resource available to me to keep my health in tip top shape. In my hunt for ways to stay on top of things, I found out that not only is Argentina one of the largest wine producers in the world it is also one of the largest producers of olives in the world as well. Olives are important because it is a great source of vitamin E.

As frustrating and scarce it may be feeling like one is scrambling for good ingredients, more and more I began to realize that there are little things I can do and incorporate into my daily routine that will make all the difference. I decided to take advantage of the fact that olives are one of this country's natural resources and began using Extra Virgin Olive Oil in even the little things like cooking chopped onions. Every little chance I got I used it to squeeze Vitamin E rich olives or olive oil into my diet.

When you are living abroad in a country where health products can be scarce, if you wish to survive you have to make every moment count.  It can be challenging especially in BA where around every corner there are snack shops and empanada stands.  It is all too tempting to make it daily habit to fuel up at those places because they are quick, convenient, and plentiful.

Often you here when you travel to try and experience the local culture and do what the locals do. This is the one time I definitely recommend that you DO NOT do as the locals do if you want to live long in another culture with a different language. Instead, raise the bar and find creative ways to eat cheap and healthy. And once you do, you can teach your Argentine friends to do the same. They will love you for it ;)

Today's episode has been brought to you by the letter "E" as in Expat or as in Eat. Or "E" as in  vitamin E.  Expats Eating vitamin E......

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