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Monday, February 25, 2013

Barrio Chino Rings in the Year of the Snake

Celebrations in Buenos Aires chinatown this year were wild and the number of people that came to participate were STAGGERING.  They have been celebrating for the last 8 yrs and this has got to be the biggest turn out yet with at least 3000 people....many of them Argentines who enjoy embracing another culture.

Just to explain the set up so you can visualize, chinatown is a block of streets tucked away in my neighbourhood. But near chinatown is huge park called "Barrancas de Belgrano". There were events going on in both chinatown and the park as well. In the plaza they even had a huge fair selling nothing but Chinese goods and food, much like the night market in Hong Kong.

This year was the first time they had a stage where they had a taoist ceremony, the dotting of the eye of the dragon (waking the dragon), chinese singers, kung fu demonstrations and so much more.  Being asian in another country has never felt more comfortable and you can count me to be there next year when we ring in the year of the horse....

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Amorous Alpacas