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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Anatomy of a Serpent

Well its official, as of feb 10 the Dragon has shed its wings and become a snake. And thus begins the Year of the Snake.  Another synonym for snake is serpent or serpentine.....serpentine as in "Argentine Serpentine".  For those of you who regularly connect with this blog, the story of me and my femme fatale friend whom I have dubbed "The Argentine Serpentine" has been a running theme on this blog.  My posts about my femme fatale friend have always been funny, light hearted, witty as you my audience watch her constant attempts to cast a spell on me and seduce me into her charms.

The Christian faith doesn't portray the snake in a positive light but there are many other cultures and belief systems where the snake is revered as a symbol of healing, wisdom, and beauty. Having just become the year of the snake, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the Argentine Serpentine from a very different perspective and celebrate her charm, beauty and all the positive things about this special someone that I cherish.

Indeed she's breathtakingly beautiful..........standing tall at a height of 6'0, with long flowing brown hair and extremely high cheek bones, her body is tall and slender not unlike that of a snake.  Her dark eyes are piercing, mysterious and shine brilliantly at certain moments when she's sensing something out of the ordinary.  At will her eyes become magnets, drawing any living soul to herself to be wrapped into coils.

Personality-wise she can be playful and witty one minute, thoughtful and philosophical the next, then soft and serene with hints of being dark and mysterious. These characteristics make her both a formidable enemy and a magnificent friend all rolled into one.  Like typical serpents, she has a somewhat possessive, exclusive, and allusive nature.

Possessiveness may sound like a negative trait but I hold a firm belief that any negative trait can be channeled into becoming a positive characteristic. Because the same quality that makes her possessive, almost makes her extremely protective and just like serpents in the wild, she won't hesitate to strike at someone that brings threat or danger to someone she loves.

Snake handlers have to learn specific methods of handling serpents to put the snake at ease and keep from being bitten. It's been an incredible journey learning to deal with someone who was born differently than the majority of others who in her country and culture. I've had to research plenty of articles on Chinese astrology and the personality of the snake and how to deal with a serpentine.

As you can see in the video, once Steve Irwin has set the snake at ease, it is comfortable in his hands and he can play with it gently without fear of being bitten.  Same with her, there were quite a few bumps in the road but as soon as I learned how the mind of a serpent works and how to set her at ease, it was smooth sailing.

Serpentines are also allusive and exclusive.  If the snake doesn't know you and you're not part of its inner circle, it can be allusive.  But in the rare case that a snake does select you for a close friend or lover, a world of intimacy and exclusiveness will open up to you. You don't choose a snake, the snake chooses you and if it has it is actually a great compliment because they it means they've seen something within you that is desirable to them.

There are days that I have mixed feelings being procured by a serpent.  And even as I write these glowing words about the Argentine Serpentine, I'm not 100% sure if these words are coming from my heart or perhaps she's bewitched me :S  But at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Once a serpent has procured you, you procure all the exclusive benefits of belonging to a serpent.  She is....

a  watchful eagle who forms a barrier of protection around you that stretches for miles. 

 a loving companion who allows only you to see a side of her that even her closest friends and family have never seen 

 a guide with a 6th sense who is incredibly intuitive and sensitivity to the world unseen.

The year of the snake may have just barely begun but  I count myself  one lucky monkey....

Gung Hey Fat Choy   :D

***below is the link to my very first blogpost on the Argentine Serpentine. This is how it all began....

An Argentine Serpentine

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