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Monday, June 03, 2013

A Story for Tomorrow

a story for tomorrow. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Cross-cultural relationships can be without doubt one of the most challenging type of relationships there is. Different languages, different cultures, different times one must wonder why anyone would take on someone who has a completely different language and culture and forsake the ease of going with someone more familiar in your own culture.

The joy of a cross-cultural relationship is that there are actually major benefits and gems to be discovered that you won't have with someone in your own culture. Problems are abound to arise whether you're in a relationship with someone from your own culture or a foreign culture. But where the draw of a cross-cultural relationship is that you won't have the same type of problems that you would have with a member of your own culture. You will have problems but it will be different type of problems.

In that sense a cross-cultural relationship can be very relaxing because you know the issues that you've had with other people in your own culture will never happen with that person because that person is not set up that way.  For example, one of the biggest problems with Argentine men is infidelity. It is not uncommon for cheating to happen as the men in the country love following whatever sexual impulses they have. Betrayal happens quickly and suddenly in this country.

However with foreigner from a different country an Argentine woman may never have the same problem. Infidelity can happen but not in the style that she is accustomed to in this country. In the North American culture, cheating sometimes is a long process where things have been going on between two people for a long time. And often people fall into these relationships because they have trouble in their own relationships at home and were feeling vulnerable. The process of getting the point where people cheat can take 6-8 mths, and usually there are alot of factors in the background.

That is one example of how a cross-cultural relationship can be in fact very relaxing, just knowing that you'll never have the same type of issues as you do with someone from your own culture.  Out of all the videos I've ever posted on this site, there has never been a video that has better symbolically represented cross-cultural relationships like "A Story for Tomorrow".  This is an amazing video that will take you on a whirlwind tour of Chile, Patagonia and the regions in between. If you are wondering what the landscape is like for me now that I've left Buenos Aires, this video will give you an idea.

 Relationship with someone in another culture is truly a journey.  There are so many different landscapes and terrains that the both of you must cross together. On your journey there are moments with breathtaking indescribable views, while other moments seem dry,  arid and almost endless.  But the ultimate reward of plugging along and staying on the path no matter what the terrain is that you get to celebrate the joy of standing together in the end.....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas