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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Seed

Fennel seed

Within the last little while, I've been pondering what being a "seed" means. The more I grow, the more that I realize that I'm not sowing a seeds in Latin America...I am the seed!  Let's look at the anatomy of a seed. It is hard, round, structured, well defined and smooth.  Once planted it's entire structure breaks apart underneath the dark, cold ground to release all the goodness inside. But the only way for that goodness to be released is for it to totally lose it's structure and everything that defines it.

As I do mental and spiritual preparation for the next step, I realize that this is what had to happen to me in order to release all that I had within me. Before Latin America, my life had structure, routine, was well defined and nice and smooth.  And I could have gone on that way the rest of my life if I wanted and never known my own potential.

A couple of months back, there was a great controversy in America when a cruise ship found a dead grey whale stuck to the ship. It was not know for the first little while if the ship had ran into it and killed it or if it was dead before. After a necropsy, they determined that the whale had indeed been dead a few days before the ship struck it. Although it was very sad to see the dead body of such a great creature, there is an interesting twist in this story.

Scientists decided to haul the body of the whale out into the middle of the ocean and just leave it there. There is a good reason for this. You see, the decomposing body of a grey whale is so nutrient rich that as it decomposes, it literally becomes an "island of life" for many years to come as it releases all it's goodness that the creature held inside it's body while it was still alive

These two analogies sum up my life right now in a nutshell. Saying "hello" to one life is also saying "goodbye" to another life and all the securities and benefits that life could have held for me. And I will kid you not that like a seed, it has not been easy being uprooted and planted in a place that is dark, cold, unfamiliar at times. And there in that place, you feel your entire structure being broken apart to release the content that is inside. This is a process that has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen.  It's been both painful and wonderful at the same time and at the end of the day, I would do it all over again. 

Diagram from the seed of an avocado where the ...

The theme of season 2 is in a way about life and death at the same time. As you follow me in this journey, you are literally watching someone who has become a "living seed". Every blog, you'll get to see me unravel and my structure come apart just a little bit more. But at the same time, you also get to see the birth of a vision.  My hope and prayer is that just like that grey whale carcass, in my "death" I would in turn become an "island of life."


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