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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adventures of an Affiliate...

Phew! I didn't know that being an affiliate was going to be such hard work!  It's not what people think that I simply sign up to be an affiliate and I put a picture of a product then someone will click on it and I get cash. I have actually spent the last day or so renovating both my sites for maximum effectiveness. This is for your benefit as well as mine. There are so many resources, and products and tools I have on hand to use and the biggest challenge of all is endorsing the product without seeming like I am preaching or pushing. So I have had to be really strategic in where I am putting the advertising and what form of advertising and images that I plan to use.

You are probably noticing alot of these changes as you click on to the website. I have made every attempt to be tasteful in how I am promoting and presenting the language learning products. My favorite part of this was being able to now offer a free spanish lesson to visitors that click on. There is one free spanish lesson video up above near where the gallery of photos are. And there is another one that you can go to if you go to the very top of the site there is now a link that says "free spanish lesson".  There not only is there another video but a testimonial from me personally on how Rocket Spanish truly impacted me as a language learner.  It is definitely worth a read.  Visitors are also notified via a popup on my toolbar when they click on to the site that there is a free spanish lesson available.

But I would say one of the biggest changes that has happened as a result of this new direction in my blogsite has been to my other blogsite "Tango 2 the Moon".  Before, this website was just my own personal website for self expression and some entertaining odds and ends. I realized in the last little while that if I did a little bit of "house cleaning" and streamlined things just a little bit, I could actually make this a great support site for language learners. So that is exactly what I did!

If you head over to the site right now Tango 2 the Moon, you'll see a bunch of changes that I have made. I have changed the list of blogs that I am following to a some really interesting blogs that would be interesting to people who like travel and languages. And when I mean "blogs", I am not talking about mediocre blogs of someone talking about their day. These are good blogs that actually have won awards for their content and design.

Also, I have also arranged it so that there is direct streaming from that website to the Rocket Languages YouTube Channel. This is going to be really awesome because you will now have access to free lessons on video not only of spanish but of other language and products that the company offers. There you'll be able to get plenty of support for your needs as a language learner.   And I would really love to see "Tango 2 the Moon"  possibly become a site for language learners who are seeking interactive support with the challenges of learning a foreign language. I have great hopes and dreams for all my blogsites and can't help but feel like the skies the limit....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas