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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rocket Launch!

The weekend is almost here! I think that weekends should be filled with fun and freebies. Lucky for you, that's what we're all about here at "Making the Same Difference". I gotta admit that I'm feeling rather uplifted at this moment as I announce an exciting new partnership between "Making the Same Difference" and "Rocket Languages". As of this afternoon, we have officially become an affiliate with Rocket Languages to promote their excellent products and services on this site.

What does that mean for all of you out there? Well now that I'm an affiliate with their company, they've given me all kinds of tools to help broaden their exposure on this website. If you look at the bottom of the site, you can see that I have now set it up so that anyone can take their 6 day free sample course of Rocket Spanish as well there are other banners on the site that you can click on to access their website. I can do this not just for Rocket Spanish but for any language that they offer. This morning I wrote a blog on my "Tango 2 the Moon" website about my next language endeavor, Japanese. And if you click onto that post that I wrote, you can see that I now have set up some of their promotional banners as well as arranged it so that people can try the 6 day free course of "Rocket Japanese" that I am doing.

For a long time now, I've known that I can not only use my blogsites for financial gain but with the right partnership, there would be a benefit for my audience as well and it would be a win-win situation. But I just had to find the right affiliate who's products I would want to promote and sell on the site. I kept finding myself talking about Rocket Spanish again and again and again in my blogsites so one day, I thought that if I love it so much, why not become an official affiliate. It is a product that I have use personally and would fit perfectly with the theme of this blogsite. I can easily endorse this product in a way that would feel natural and without pressure.

Right now, I am just ecstatic with all the goodies that I now have to add to my websites since becoming an affiliate. As of this moment, there are three language products of theirs that I have experience with. Spanish, French, and Japanese. Here on "Making the Same Difference", I'm going to be promoting only Rocket Spanish because it ties in with the theme of Argentina. But on my other blogsite, "Tango 2 the Moon", you'll be able to find banners and resources for the other two languages either on a blog post on the site itself.

I simply cannot wait to show you all the goodies that I get to share with you now that I'm an affiliate. To start, I'm going to leave you with a free spanish lesson video that I now have use of. I hope you enjoy your free lesson and don't forget to visit check back soon for more goodies and treats. This is gonna be the start of something beautiful.....

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas