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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SpareRooms BA

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As start to travel more and more, I realize everyone has a different way of doing things. Some people are very independent and they prefer to do everything themselves without the help of a travel agent. While others love having someone take care of them while they are abroad. I would be the latter of the two. I literally love knowing that i can delegate any problems and issues to someone else. And after being a customer service agent myself, I can appreciate it when you find someone who is professional and passionate and can take care of any needs that may arise. Because of that, I will go out to different agencies and take the time to sit down and chat with people just to find the right person.

And I wanna tell you that one of the best days of my life is when I stumbled across SpareRooms BA. It is run by two wonderful ladies named Valeria and Marina. My primary contact was with Marina and she was just wonderful in trying to help me set up accomodations with Lucreicia, the lady I will be living with.  You see, I was going through some challenges in my personal life while planning my second trip and I kept having to go back and say "OK, something has come up and I need to change our arrangments." I didn't have to do this just once, I had to do it several times and truth be told, it was extremely challenging and frustrating at times for both parties.

They wanted to do everything possible to help me and make my trip possible. I don't think that any other company would have had the patience that I needed. They understood that I was going through some things that were affecting all my plans for the trip. It was really embarrassing for me to keep going back and saying "Can we change this...."  I almost wanted to give up several times.  But their company has a true Argentine spirit, patience, grace, friendliness, trust and openness. And I could see that they really wanted to help me and it touched me alot.

I feel really well taken care of having both a good travel agent and also knowing that SpareRoomsBA has such great customer service. They have tried to take care of me before my trip and I know that while I am in the country, they will take care of anything I need accomodation wise. I don't think that I would really want to deal with anyone else other than the team at SpareRoomsBA.

Just to let you know what SpareRoomsBA is, it is a company that arranges for you to stay with a host family or roommates. But they go the extra mile, they will interview you to find a perfect match for your personality, needs, and lifestyle. They want you to have the happiest experience possible on you trip to Buenos Aires and experience the true Argentine culture.

As all of you know, I will be in BA teaching English and working with the church so I have many responsibilities. So I already will have alot on my mind. It is really nice to know that I am in good hands with both the person I am living with, the company that arranged it all (SpareRoomsBA) as well as having a good travel agent on hand back home to take care of any one of my travel needs.

Anyone can experience Buenos Aires as tourist just by booking into any old hotel or hostel. But if you want an upclose and personal encounter with the Argentine culture and the people of Buenos Aires, I can't think of a better company that can make that happen other than SpareRoomsBA.  They will ensure that your visit to Buenos Aires won't just be any ordinary visit, it will be a close encounter of the third kind.....

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