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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mi casa

I have never doubted for a single moment in my life that there is a higher being out there who knows me way better than I know myself and has a better understand than I ever will of what I will actually need.  As you all know, planning my return to Argentina has not been easy. I went through alot and as a result, my mind was "out of it" and it made it difficult to plan properly. Which is the reason that my plans kept changing every other minute.  I think trying to find the will of God is like an easter egg hunt, you look here and you look there and sometimes you keep trying but you end up in all the wrong places. But the Bible says seek and you will find and if you search with all your heart, one day you will get it right.

There were so many times on this journey that I thought I knew what God's will was. I thought I knew when he wanted me to go and where he wanted me to stay. But many times my plans would fall through or things wouldn't work out. I almost wanted to give up but I'm glad that I didn't. Because at last I did figure out where I was meant to stay and it happened in an almost unusual manner.  What happened was that I was thinking of renting an apartment starting Oct 1- Aug 1. But I was going to be in Argentina before then so I needed a place to stay until the beginning of Oct. I started looking at the different hostels on trip advisor.  On trip advisor there are reviews, ratings, and rankings of the different accomodations.  I was drawn to one particular place that was ranked #2 out of over 200 accomodations. I was curious to why this hostel was ranked #2.  But after checking the website and reading more than 30 reviews (ALL of them were good. There was not one negative review), then I understood that this was a very special unique style of accomodation.

The Elefante Rosa Hostel

Yes, it does mean "The Pink Elephant Hostel". It is located in a barrio called Boedo in Buenos Aires that  is off the well worn path. The hostel is run by two brothers and it is a bed and breakfast. I don't think there is anything like it in Buenos Aires. All the reviews says that being there is like staying in someone's home. And that the brothers are so helpful, they go out of their way for you as if you are member of the family.  The atmosphere in the house is one of laughter and conversation. And the house itself looks magnificent, tastefully decorated like an art house.  But what caught my eye is that they offer options for those who wish to do an extended stay.

This is exactly what I was looking for, a place that is close to the area that I work. I didn't necesarily need my own apartment, I like being around people and am very open to shared accomodation of some sort.  Sharing space is common in Buenos Aires and if you are willing to do it, you'll find that it very economical. And I like the fact that a nice breakfast that includes cornflakes and milk awaits me every single morning!

Being in an nurturing environment, there is no doubt in my mind that I've be refreshed and rejuvenated and as good as new in no time.  I will be staying in the hostel until October 9th when I will be moving to an apartment in the same neighbourhood. But no matter where I go or what I do, just know that you are always welcome in my home as an honored guests.

Mi casa.

p.s. Just for those of you who don't know, the picture that you see above is of one of many "float homes" that can be found here in Victoria, B.C.  Basically they are houses that are floating on top of the water and are attached to the wharf. I would love to spend a year in one of those just to see what it would be like....

Spare Rooms BA

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