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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ravaging & Salvaging Sudan

War Child- Emmanuel Jal (Trailer) from Dal LaMagna on Vimeo.

As all of you out there know, I feel like everything I have has been given to me for a reason. I have been so blessed with an incredible platform of influence that I have through this blogsite. And I'm about to use that platform once again to create awareness about an issue in our world that we urgently needs to addressing ASAP

On January 9th, war torn Sudan will have a referendum between North and South Sudan that will determine the fate of this nation. Southern Sudan is going to vote to be free from an oppressive government that has resulted in nothing but violence and bloodshed. To make a long story short, both sides are preparing for civil war. Though the plight of Sudan has been for the most part left out in the media, they are no less important. It makes my stomach turn to think that in the 20th century, genocide is very much a possibility.

Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier who fought in the first civil between North & South Sudan, the same civil war that took the life of his mother. Believing that he survived for a reason, he now uses his hip-hop to become a voice for the millions that do not have a voice in his home country of Sudan. And for the millions of voices that have been silenced by war and will be silenced by this next war. Join artists like Emmanuel & Alicia Keys by raising your voice and becoming a soldier for peace....


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