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Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Epilogue to Prologue....

My life experience has taught me that sometimes animals get brought into our lives to teach us lessons that sometimes we can't learn on our own. In 2007, I got to experience the joy of parenthood to an american lop-eared cross. This was one of those times where I believe that the bunny was meant to be part of my life for that time period. I had friends take care of the rabbit when I left for Argentina last September and continued to live with my friends after I came back.

As I was preparing for this trip early September, I got an email one day from my friend who told me that the landlords had decided that the bunny cannot stay in their home. In that situation when so much is going on, it would be easy to panic. But I calmed down and prayed because I knew that for every problem I had, God already had a solution. A friend suggested to me that I should call the SPCA to see if we could surrender him. They would take him, if they had room.

A couple days later, I called the SPCA and they said indeed they had room and we were able to surrender the rabbit. That was my first answer to prayer...I didn't need to worry any longer or be making calls begging for someone to the rabbit. But I still wanted the best for him...he's used to human contact and deserves a home. After I came back here, I would check the SPCA website daily to see if his profile was still there. Day after day his profile remained until one day towards the end of Oct his profile disappeared from the site. Meaning that he has been adopted and is in a loving home that can provide for him better than I ever could.

I praise God for taking care of pets that are important to me. But I have even greater reason to praise God when he takes care of people that are important to me, like Marisa. I could not be more thrilled when I received word that she is moving across the water to Uruguay for a couple of months. As I type these words, I can honestly say that winning the lottery could not make me happier than I already am to know that she is going to have a life change.

Let me explain, Marisa lives far out of Buenos Aires and only comes to the main city once a week to volunteer to do the cell group for the church. I go to the other branch of church located at the other end of the city. In other words, we never have any time to spend together. And when I first met her, I felt that her life was trapped in a routine of work, church, and family. There was nothing fresh in her world. This is why when I came into the picture, there was such a joy. My relationship with her infused something fresh into her world. This made it hard to leave her in BsAs, because my relationship did alot of good for her psychologically.

But her move to Uruguay, even for a few months is going to do her alot of good on many levels. she's going to change and grow and under different circumstances, we might actually have the chance to spend time together. Uruguay is just a boat ride away and we have a church plant in the city of Montevideo. Also living by the ocean, she is going to understand more about energy and connection and will be able to understand me in a greater capacity. This new step will enrich her and will breathe new life into everything in her world.

As she and I grow as friends, I realize that a big part of her happiness is making sure that I am happy. It is why she always wants me to be happy, she needs me be happy or she can't be totally happy. And it works vice versa, her happiness is a big part of my life. I almost feel as if I could write an article on this....maybe I will!

It has been incredibly witnessing not only how God takes care of me but how God takes care of the people and things that are important to me. God arranged for my rabbit to go to the SPCA and for Marisa to go to Uruguay. I want my fans to know that every blog I have every written about Marisa & I was not the epilogue but rather the prologue to all that we're going to experience as friends. What I thought was the main course was really the appetizer. The best blog about our friendship has still yet to be written.

I am due to go to Montevideo either at the last week of february or the first week of March. Already we are talking about looking into dates and spending time together. This is her first time living by the ocean and I've already told her that it will help her understand about energy and connection. And at long last I will get to do what I've dreamed of doing since our friendship began....sitting by the ocean and bonding together.

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas