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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Votes Away!!!


That is the theme of the blog for today. For the past 3 years Lexiophiles has a competition involving the top 100 blogs about travel and living abroad. First it starts with a nomination phase where anyone can put up their blog for nomination. If the blog is eligible, it goes on a list of nominated blogs. From there is a voting phase to determine the top 100 blogs out of the list. And from those top 100 blogs, the top 3 will be chosen to receive a special award. After the voting phase is done, the top 3 blogs are announced and Lexiophiles will make a charitable donation in honor of that person. Not to mention that the nominated and the winning blogs will gain a tremendous amount of exposure.

I put my blog up for nomination the very day that I heard that they were accepting nominations. And it was on that same day within a few hours of nominating my blog that I received an email letting me know that "Making the Same Difference" was indeed eligible and will be included on the list of nominations. My heart began racing when I got the news.

But what is even more exciting is that the voting phase has just started and goes from January 17-26 to determine the top 100 blogs about travel & living abroad. On January 28th, the winners will be announced. This year the top 3 bloggers will get an "education package for children" from SOS children's villages sponsored by Lexiophiles. In other words, Lexiophiles will put together a special charitable donation in the names of the winners.

This is where you come in. If you've enjoyed coming to my site and you feel that my blog is worthy of being part of that list, then please do me a big favor and vote. I can't say that I wouldn't LOVE to win. But even more important to me is the exposure that this competition would give me. Already just for my blog to be on the nomination list will guarantee that I will have some new visitors to my site. And if my blogsite makes the top 100, that would bring a fantastic level of exposure. And if "Making the Same Difference" makes the top 3 and I get a charitable donation done in my name, I don't think that I would have any words to say because one doesn't tend to say much when you are passed out on the floor!

I just wanna say here that one of my biggest reasons for wanting to win isn't just exposure, it is about telling the world about the Argentine culture. When I sent the message to request my site to be nominated, I explained that I believe that this blog is unique in that it goes beyond telling about tourist attractions and begins to tell the story of the Argentine people. It is a culture that for the most part has been bypassed by the world.

For your convenience, I have placed a voting button on the bottom of this post & the top of the blogsite. As well, clicking on the title of this blogpost will take you directly to the voting page. Everyone of you who has discovered this site and kept up with my blogs has no doubt gained a greater understanding of the Argentine people. Now help me tell their story to the world....

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Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas